WOF Retro Recap: September 20, 2011


$1K Tossup: PERSON

_ H _ / P E _ _ E C T
H O S _

A.B. & Bim say that Pat’s THE PERFECT HOST. Tuesday’s teams…

A.B. & Bim Majekodunmi (sisters from San Francisco): A.B.’s a hotelier who also designs women’s clothing and just finished her second children’s book while Bim’s an online social game producer and a world travelerCameron & Chad Henke (brothers): Chad’s an interior designer, restaurant worker and avid bike rider from Seattle while Cameron from San Francisco just opened a hair salon (he’s originally from IA)
Diane Snyder & Jolene DeGrandpre (daughter/mother): Diane’s from Leawood, KS (originally from Washington state) while the mom claims to have the world’s most perfect son-in-law

$2,000 Tossup: PHRASE

W E / J U M _ E D / A T
T H _ / _ H _ N C E

The Majekodunmis say “WE JUMPED AT THE CHANCE” to triple up.

Jackpot Round: LIVING THING

The sisters kick things off w/ two T’s for $1,800, four E’s, a $900 H, and an I buy, then come two L’s for $600 extra, a $300 B, three A’s, and finally a $1K pair of C’s. We now have…

C H _ C _ L A T E
L A B _ A _ _ _
_ E T _ I E _ E _

…they may not have a CHOCOLATE LABRADOR RETRIEVER, but they’re $3,850 richer.


Scores after R1
Majekodunmis: $6,850/Other teams: $0 apiece



The brothers are off to a bad start w/ N for no. Second, D & J say S for negative #2. Third for the sisters are a $500 B, six E’s, two R’s for $600, a $300 W, four H’s for $3,600 more, and four O’s before they pick up the $7,500 bonus and the Beyond The Rack gift tag w/ three M’s and a T, respectively. But after FPing three A’s…

O H / _ _ _ E / M E
A / H O M E / W H E R E
T H E / B _ _ _ A _ O

they have a brain fart after the first word to likely throw away $13K cash & prizes. The brothers then put up a $1,200 pair of F’s, a $300 G and an $800 V…

O H / G _ V E / M E
A / H O M E / W H E R E
T H E / B _ F F A _ O

…they solve “OH GIVE ME A HOME, WHERE THE BUFFALO RUM” for $2,300, but incorrectly say the song’s from “Oklahoma!”; the right one was “Home on the Range”.

DUDS: N (Henkes), S (D & J)
SOLE DQ: Majekodunmis’ blank-out

Scores after R2
Henkes: $2,300/D & J: ZERO/Majekodunmis: $6,850



D & J instantly BANKRUPT on the MDW’s left side. Second, the Majekodunmis get the same fate near the WC. Third, the Henkes put up an $800 pair of S’s and four T’s for the WC, then they buy three E’s and A’s, but then get the exact same fate as the sisters to fork over $300 and the WC. D & J try again w/ an R while on the MW and take the obvious gamble…good call! But the LaT stops them in their tracks, so the sisters proceed to call a $500 M, a $600 C, and three I’s to put the vowels out of play, but they then call a MAJOR DUD of L while on $3,500. After the Henkes BANKRUPT next to TD….

A M E R I C A ‘ S
_ I _ T I E T H

D & J are off to AMERICA’S FIFTIETH STATE, where they’ll stay at the Aston Ka’anapali Shores in HAWAII; that round was worth $16,750 to them.

SOLE DUD: A.B. & Bim (L)
BANKRUPTS: 4 (two by the brothers)

Scores after R3
Henkes: $2,300/D & J: $16,750 cash & HI/Majekodunmis: $6,850


$3,000 Tossup: OCCUPATION

H _ L L _ _ O O D
_ T _ N _ M A N

The Henkes ID a HOLLYWOOD STUNTMAN to rise to $5,300.

Round 4: FOOD & DRINK (full $1,600 speed-up)
Two P’s get chosen…

S P R I N _ _ _ S / _ N
_ _ / _ _ P _ A _ _ S

…and the Henkes nail “SPRINKLES ON MY CUPCAKES” for another $9,600.

SOLE DUD: T (Diane & Jolene)

Henkes: $14,900/D & J: $16,750 cash & HI/Majekodunmis: $6,850

GRAND TOTAL: $38,500
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $300


$100,000 Bonus Round

The S in SPIN has been landed on.

Category: PLACE
Decent RSTLNE help…

_ _ N _ _ E T
R _ _ _

CDMO fills in something completely…

_ _ N _ _ E T

…the second word, and they’re the second straight team to solve the puzzle just after the buzzer. They won’t be feasting in the BANQUET ROOM w/ $30K.

MY EP. RATING: 5 out of 10


One thought on “WOF Retro Recap: September 20, 2011

  1. JP Mackey June 18, 2014 / 2:15 pm

    The blue team definitely could've gone for the R's in R1…there were five of them.

    And the red team's wrong answer in R2 sure cost them the game… 😦


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