WOF Retro Recap: September 19, 2011 — SEASON 29 PREMIERE

All right, time for me to start S29. This was the first season w/ Jim Thornton as their permanent announcer. And the first week of the season had family pairings, because this was called “Home Sweet Home”.


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

_ T _ _ _ / _ I _ H
_ / B _ _ _

Karen & Ryan are here to help this program START WITH A BANG. Let’s meet the first SIX players of S29…

Ryan Jensen and Karen Buchanan (aunt/nephew): Ryan just graduated from SDSU with a degree in anthropology; he’s also a part-time restaurant worker and volunteer at the San Diego Zoo
Vanessa and Dave Felix (father/daughter): Vanessa is a recent graduate of Cal State Long Beach with a B.S. in nursing and is a registered pediatric nurse; Dave is a contractor of a home-building business
Natalie and Shayla Howard (sisters from Kansas City): Natalie is a claims supervisor for a large insurance company while Shayla’s a SAHM (stay-at-home mom)

$2,000 Tossup: FOOD AND DRINK

I _ _ – C _ _ D
_ E _ _ _ _ _ _

R & K give the first missolve of the season with ICE-COLD BEVERAGE.

I _ _ – C _ _ D
_ E _ O N _ _ _

The Howards drink up some ICE-COLD LEMONADE to begin the first spinning of the season.

: $7,500 from Maxwell House (it will be available all this week)

Jackpot Round: RHYME TIME

The 1/2 car tags are NOT in play this week since both members of the team may be living in different residences but they will appear for most of this season. This time, they will be placed on a whole wedge. Let’s explain how it works — the plates are available in each of the first three rounds. A player must collect two of them and solve the puzzle in one round to win a brand new car. Regardless of what happens after a plate is picked up, it will be replaced with a new one at the start of the next round if necessary. Also, the plates ARE VULNERABLE to BANKRUPTS even after a puzzle solve. And for the record, the 1/2 CAR for most of the season is a 2012 KIA Soul worth $15K (only one single-player week didn’t have that car in play and I’ll get to that as I progress through the season).

The Howards lead off w/ four T’s for the HomeGoods gift tag, a $300 S and tree E’s, then they call up two L’s for $5K but then the first dud of the season in H. Second, K & R immediately BANKRUPT in between $600 and the WC (that’s placed over the pink $900). Third, the Felixes FP two I’s and light up four P’s for $2K, then we show them…

P _ T / _
L I T T L E / P E P
I _ / _ _ _ _ / S T E P

Since you’re able to PUT A LITTLE PEP IN YOUR STEP, you guys are on the board.

SOLE DUD: H (Howards)

Scores after R1
Felixes and Howards: $2K each/R & K: $1K



The PP graphic has a new compass-shaped logo. Later this season, the Mystery Round will move to here.

K & R get going by calling four T’s for $1,200, five E’s, a $500 H, four R’s for the $7,500 bonus, four A’s, and two O’s. On Vanna’s board…

_ _ R A T E _ / O _
T H E / _ A R _ _ _ E A _ :
O _ / _ T R A _ _ E R
T _ _ E _

They quickly solve “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES” for $8,450 plus a $9,800 trip (one for each of them) to the Divi Little Bay Beach Resort in ST. CROIX


Scores after R2
Felixes and Howards: $2K each/R & K: $19,250 cash & trip



The Felixes instantly land on the MW near the MDW and light up four S’s. They turn down the $4K…but they’ve BANKRUPTED. Second, the Howards pick up that WC w/ a T, but LOSE A TURN. Third, our big leaders insert a $500 R but then buy the sole dud vowel of A. On their second try, the Felixes tack on triple N’s for $1,650, two E’s and two P’s for $1K more, but they get the same fate as the Howards, who then dud out w/ D. After a $600 M by R & K, they BANKRUPT the same way they did before to lose $850. The Felixes then spin once for a $600 B…

M _ N _ E _
B _ S _ N E S S
P R _ P _ S _ T _ _ N

…but they blow the $3K solve with MINOR BUSINESS PROPOSITION; that could deny them of $3,000. After a $500 K and a $300 Y by the sisters

M _ N K E Y
B _ S _ N E S S
P R _ P _ S _ T _ _ N

…they come up w/ a MONKEY BUSINESS PROPOSITION for the $2K house minimum.

DUDS: A (R & K), D (Howards)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Felixes, R & K)
LaTs: 2 (Howards, Felixes)
DQ: Felixes’ blown solve

Scores after R3
Felixes: $2K/Howards: $4K/R & K: $19,250 cash & trip


$3,000 Tossup: AROUND THE HOUSE

B A _ _
P I _ T U _ E S

The Howards know their BABY PICTURES, so they’re up to $7,000.

Round 4: THING (full $1,600 speed-up round)

A / _ A N D _ R _ T T E N

The Howards complete A HANDWRITTEN LETTER for $11,200.

DUDS: S, M and P (all by the Felixes)

Felixes: $2K/Howards: $18,200/R & K: $19,250 cash & trip

GRAND TOTAL: $39,450


$100,000 Bonus Round

The first car(s) offered this season are a pair of Honda CR-Vs even though there’s one of them on the stage. Ryan and Karen land on the apostrophe.

Category: PHRASE
This pair of letters get them started…

_ _ _ _ T _
_ R _ _ _

DHPA give them…

_ _ _ H T _
P R _ _ D

I’m not MIGHTY PROUD of them because Ryan says the answer ONE SECOND TOO LATE, and they lose the CR-Vs.

MY EP. RATING: 6 out of 10


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