WOF Recap: June 10, 2014


$1K Tossup: THE 80’s

_ _ _ E _ / _ _ _
A _ D / A / _ _ _ Y

Steve quickly solves “THREE MEN AND A BABY”. Next to play are…

Steve Thompson: National Univ. foreign history student and acoustic restaurant musician w/ 2 yr. old Steven and a daughter on the way named Jolee from Running Springs, CA
Damon Dozier: event manager for ticketing/promotional co. w/ daughter Diamond from L.A.
David Bannon: motor vehicle damage appraiser w/ son Tyler from Westerly, RI

$2K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

_ _ N N _ _ G
_ _ _ / _ A S E S

David’s rightly RUNNING THE BASES.


Round 1: WAYD?

David picks up that SS right away w/ three N’s, calls two G’s for $1,400, and buys three I’s and two E’s, then comes three H’s for the 1/2 CAR near $900, the rest of the vowels, but then the MDW’s right-side BANKRUPT to give up $8,400 cash & SS plus his plate. Second, Steve spots two S’s for a grand, a $700 pair of R’s, and a $600 B, but he gets the other MDW BANKRUPT to forfeit $2,300. Third, Damon gets the gas cards (76 printed on that) w/ an R and a $900 F…

F I _ I N G
T H I N G S / _ R O U N D
T H E / H O U S E

…he knows about FIXING THINGS AROUND THE HOUSE for $2,400 cash & gas.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (opposition)

Scores after R1
David: $2K/Steve: $1K/Damon: $2,400 cash & gas


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER

Steve’s first call of N is nowhere to be found. Second, Damon takes a $500 T, an I, and three S’s while on the MW near LaT. He risks his leftover $250…and BANKRUPTS. Third for David are a $1K D, two A’s, two M’s for $1,800 extra, and the SL of four G’s that’s perfect for $14K! Board now…

G I _ M _ S
G A D G _ T S / &
G A M _ S

He can buy lots of GIZMOS, GADGETS & GAMES w/ $16,550!

SOLE DUD: N (Steve)

Scores after R2
David: $18,550/Steve: $1K/Damon: $2,400 cash & gift tag 

Repeating Bonus Puzzle Flashback: PLUG IT IN (first aired on March 25 this year; the lady struck out completely w/ CDMA)


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

With a big hole to climb, Damon begins w/ two T’s for $600, two A’s, but the N fails a man for the second round in a row. Second, David picks a $900 S, a $600 L, but then D for dud. Afterwards…

_ L _ A S _
T A _ _ / _ _
_ _ T _ / _ _ _

…hey Steve, PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU on a bookit.com trip package to the Sugar Bay Resort in ST. THOMAS.

DUDS: N (Damon), D (David)

Scores after R3
David: $18,550/Steve: $10,809 cash & prizes/Damon: $2,400 cash & gas


$3K Tossup: THINGS

_ _ M P _ R
C A B _ _ _

Damon hooks up these JUMPER CABLES.


T for terrible is how Damon begins this round of play. Second in David’s favor are a $650 S, E and A singles, but then C for crap-out. Third, Steve FPs a dud of I and loses a turn w/ the R. After Damon BANKRUPTS near $650, David plugs in a $600 N and an O to clean out the vowels. Following triple D’s for $1,500, and a $1,200 pair of G’s…

D A D D _
_ O N G _ E G S

…he squashes this DADDY LONGLEGS for $3,200 more.

DUDS: T (Damon), C (David), I (Steve), R (Steve)

Scores after R4
David: $21,750/Steve: $10,809 cash & prizes/Damon: $5,400 cash & gas

Round 5: RHYME TIME (full $1,300 speed-up)

Two S’s get called by Steve early on…

_ _ _ _ _ _ N S / _ N D
_ _ _ _ _ _ N S

MITTENS AND KITTENS is not gonna cut it. Later, Damon buys two O’s for free…

_ _ L L _ O N S / _ N D
B _ L L _ O N S

…he gets MILLIONS AND BILLIONS for the house minimum.

DUDS: H (David), G (Damon), R (Damon)
SOLE DQ: Steve’s blown solve

David: $21,750/Steve: $10,809 cash & prizes/Damon: $6,400 cash & gas

GRAND TOTAL: $38,959
BANKRUPT: TRASH (excluding plate): $13,950 cash & spree


$100K Bonus Round
David’s taken out the M envelope of GAME.

Category: PHRASE
This is a technique that you do on your computer…

_ _ _ N T / _ N _
_ L _ _ _

CDMO puts in besides the obvious D…

_ O _ N T / _ N D
C L _ C _

After a successful POINT AND CLICK manuever…he wins that damned amount for a final total of $51,750.

$5K SPIN ID: SH8674967



4 thoughts on “WOF Recap: June 10, 2014

  1. JP Mackey June 11, 2014 / 3:35 am

    Remember what I said about Nick from Here Comes Summer? I think David might be the big winner this week because he's the blogger. But as they always say, you never know…


  2. Anonymous June 14, 2014 / 12:08 pm

    Interesting breakdown.


  3. David Bannon June 14, 2014 / 1:02 pm

    Someone from this week beat me out by less than $1k


  4. JP Mackey June 14, 2014 / 4:29 pm

    Welcome David! You did good, but I just had a gut feeling this week would go 1/5. But yep, Shawn on the 12th proved me wrong. We had some big rounds this week…


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