WOF Retro Recap: October 28, 2011


$1K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK
_ A N D Y
_ O _ _

A female named Christian eats up some CANDY CORN, and we’re talking to her first…

Christian Hall: Olivet Nazarene Univ. senior studying political science and criminal justice who has a brother in the USMC from Manhattan, IL
Lindsey Ziemann: Merryhill School 4th grade teacher from Gold River, CA

Matt Swanson: assisted parking facility valet who also makes custom jigsaw puzzles from Omaha

$2K Tossup: RHYME TIME

_ _ R Y / V _ _ Y
_ C _ R _

This solve by Lindsey is not VERY, VERY SCARY.

FEATURED HALLOWEEN TRIP: Romania w/ airfare from Turkish Airlines worth $10,970

Jackpot Round: QUOTATION

She wastes a turn w/ the MDW’s left-side BANKRUPT. Second, Matt picks up the PartyCity gift tag w/ two N’s, calls two S’s for another $1,800, but then buys a bad vowel of E. Third, Christian calls up two D’s for $1,600, four A’s, a $600 H, and two I’s, then come three T’s for $900, an O to round out the vowels, a $300 G, and a $5K pair of R’s. We now have…

I T / _ A S / A
D A R _ / A N D
S T O R _ _ / N I G H T

…she solves “IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT” (by Edward Bulwer-Lytton) for $7,650.

SOLE DUD: E (Matt)

Scores after R1
Lindsey: $2K/Matt: $0/Christian: $8,650



Matt’s list of letters begins w/ T and N singles at $600 apiece, an A, but then bad vowel of I. Christian’s second in line w/ three pairs of letters — R’s for $600, O’s, and Y’s for $1,600. She then buys the last vowel of E, plugs in a $600 D, but then says a FATAL DUD of M while on the blue 1/2 CAR spot. As for Lindsey

D O N ‘ T / _ O R R Y
_ E / _ A _ _ Y

…she solves Bobby McFerrin’s “DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY” for a $5K trip to the Beacon Hotel in MIAMI.

DUDS: I (Matt), M (Christian)

Scores after R2
Lindsey: $7K cash & Miami/Matt: NOTHING/Christian: $8,650


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Christian begins w/ three T’s for $2,700, five E’s, but then the LaT. Lindsey secondly picks up a grand plus the 1/2 CAR from the other location, two A’s, and four F’s for $2,200 before going for a quick solve (really?)…

F A T H E _
_ F / T H E
_ _ _ _ E / _ F
F _ A _ _ E _ _ T E _ _

…she’s right w/ “FATHER OF THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN” for another $2,950.

SOLE LaT: Christian

Scores after R3
Lindsey: $9,950 cash & Miami/Matt: STILL ZIP/Christian: $8,650


$3K Tossup: ON THE MAP

T O M B _ T _ _ E
_ R _ Z _ N A

Lindsey IDs TOMBSTONE, ARIZONA for a new total of $12,950.

Round 4: PHRASE

N for no is how she starts. Second for Matt are three T’s for $1,500, twin A’s, four E’s, two H’s, to double his $1K, but then R for roadblock. Third, Christian has a $500 M, an $800 S, but no more w/ O. Back to Lindsey who finds an $800 G, and two I’s to clean out the vowels, then she puts up twin L’s for $600 and an $800 V. The near-complete board…

T H A T / G A V E / M E
T H E / _ I L L I E S

…she doesn’t sound confident, but she’s right w/ “THAT GAVE ME THE WILLIES” for $1,750.

DUDS: N (Lindsey), R (Matt), O (Christian)

Scores after R4
Lindsey: $14,700 cash & Miami/Matt: GOOSEEGG ALERT/Christian: $8,650

Round 5: THINGS (full $1,300 speed-up)

After three I’s get purchased for free…

_ _ _ I L _
T R _ _ I T I _ N S

Lindsey should make watching this program one of her new FAMILY TRADITIONS, because she’s won this game w/ another $2,600.

Lindsey: $17,300 cash & Miami/Matt: $1K GOOSEEGG/Christian: $8,650

GT: $26,950


$100K Bonus Round
The R’s been spun again.

Category: PHRASE
1/4 of the answer to start…

_ _ S _
_ L _ _

For once, somebody’s gong w/ my BGHO combo…

_ _ S H
_ L O _

…but WASH and FISH won’t work for the first word, so she won’t be getting the CASH FLOW of $5K that came w/ the Eclipse.

MY EP. RATING: 6 out of 10


WOF Retro Recap: October 27, 2011


$1K Tossup: PERSON
_ A _
_ _ _ _ N _ _ _ T

Tessa’s way off w/ MAN ATTENDANT.

_ C _ E N _ _ S T

Jasmine’s right w/ MAD SCIENTIST. Getting to know Thursday’s panel…

Jasmine Harris: track coach going for her Master’s in general psychology at UNC-Wilmington from Reidsville, NC
Tessa Heckel: speech-language pathologist for a non-profit kids organization who also plays Bingo w/ senior citizens (I wish she was playing on Tuesday’s ep.) from Green Bay

Kevin Humes: life extension worker from Henderson, NV

$2K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ _ _ _ I _ G

Kevin solves CASPER, WYOMING.

FEATURED HALLOWEEN TRIP: Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA worth $5K

Jackpot Round: TITLE/AUTHOR

He first calls the obvious B and Y ($600 and $2,500, respectively), but then BANKRUPTS next to TD to give up $3,100. Second, Jasmine picks up the DVDEmpire.com gift tag w/ a T, FPs four E’s, but then gets the exact same fate as Kevin to hand over the movies. Third, Tessa puts up two Jackpot R’s…

T _ E / R _ _ E _
B Y / E _ _ _ R
_ _ _ _ _ / _ _ E

…we have out first Jackpot win of the season — she solves “THE RAVEN” BY EDGAR ALLAN POE for $10,100 (including a $9,100 pot)!

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Tessa’s opposition)

Scores after R1
Tessa: $10,100/Kevin: $2K/Jasmine: $1K


PP Round: WAYD?

Jasmine leads off w/ two N’s for $1,800, three I’s, two FP E’s, two T’s and H’s ($600 apiece for those pairs), a $900 G, and two A’s. Afterwards, she puts up a $300 L, two O’s, a $3,500 M and a $400 J. But she then calls TWO CRITICAL DUDS (the former on FP) in M and C. Tessa’s got the answer…

E N J O Y I N G / T H E
A L O H A / _ _ I _ I T

She’ll be ENJOYING THE ALOHA SPIRIT at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa worth $5,365.

DUDS (both by Jasmine): M and C

Scores after R2
Tessa: $15,465 cash & HI/Kevin: $2K/Jasmine: $1K



Our current leader has an INSTA-BANKRUPT on the MDW’s right side. Kevin secondly calls up a $400 T, three S’s to add $1,650, a $550 R and four E’s, followed by a $400 N, a $300 L, two Y’s for $800 and four A’s before he gets the exact same fate as Tessa to toss aside $3,600; that’s his second BANKRUPT of the game. Third, Jasmine picks off four D’s for $2,400 and three M’s to throw in $1,350, but that $3,750 of hers is taken away by the other MDW BANKRUPT (also her second). Tessa then puts up a $900 W and all of the leftover vowels. But after a $900 C, she says a CRITICAL DUD of her own in H. Kevin SPINGLES for a $600 Z…

_ O M E Z / _ U _ S L E Y
& / W E D N E S D A Y

…and solves MORTICIA, GOMEZ, PUGSLEY & WEDNESDAY ADDAMS for a $400 bonus.

SOLE DUD: H (Tessa)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (whole panel)

Scores after R3
Tessa: $15,465 cash & HI/Kevin: $3K/Jasmine: $1K



_ _ ‘ _ / _ _ I _ E !
_ _ ‘ _ / _ _ _ _ _ !

Kevin quickly says “IT’S ALIVE! IT’S ALIVE!” from “Frankenstein” to double his three grand.

Round 4: AROUND THE HOUSE (full $1,500 speed-up)

Two C’s are called by Tessa

_ L I C _ _ R I N G
C _ N _ L _ S

…she gets some FLICKERING CANDLES for $6K and the win!

DUDS: T (Kevin), M (Tessa)

Tessa: $21,465 cash & HI/Kevin: $6K/Jasmine: $1K

GRAND TOTAL: $28,465
BANKRUPT TRASH: $11,450 cash & movies


$100K Bonus Round
Tessa lands on the potentially valuable &.

Category: THING
Almost 1/2 the letters already…

S T _ _ _
_ _ _ T E 

CDGA only adds…

S T _ C _
_ _ _ T E

STICK CHUTE, STICK FLUTE and STOCK CHUTE are not gonna cut it. This STOCK QUOTE would’ve been worth $45K to her, and she’s a victim of the QU- trick.

MY EP. RATING: 6 out of 10

WOF Retro Recap: October 26, 2011


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I A

Brandon quickly locates TRANSYLVANIA. The lowdown on everybody…

Brandon Lindloff: poker dealer in Elgin and a sports fan from Rockford, IL
Trista Struve: office mgr. for a roofing co. from Flagstaff, AZ (orig. from River Falls, WI)
Nikki Lietzke: major movie studio tour guide and an event/wedding planner from Burbank


W _ A _ E
S _ _ R K

Brandon’s right again w/ WHALE SHARK.

FEATURED HALLOWEEN TRIP: Woodlands Inn (this is a restored 1906 mansion) in Charleston, SC w/ a Ghost Dungeon Walking Tour worth $5,535

Jackpot Round: TITLE

Here he goes w/ three T’s for an instant $7,500 deposit, three I’s and E’s, two H’s to add $900, a single O, and two A’s before we show him…

I T ‘ _ / T H E
_ _ E A T / _ _ _ _ _ I _
_ H A _ _ I E / _ _ O _ _

…he solves “IT’S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN” for the leftover $7,400.


Scores after R1
Brandon: $10,400/Women: $0 each



Trista’s first w/ four N’s for $3,600, an E, and three FP I’s. After that are six T’s for $1,800 more, five H’s for the MDW, three FP A’s, but then the BANKRUPT near TD to burn up $5,150 and her MDW. Second, Nikki puts up triple G’s for $10,500, buys an O, and thinks she knows the answer to this puzzle…

T H I N G _ / T H A T
G O / _ _ _ _ / I N
T H E / N I G H T
_ A T _ H _ A N

…unfortunately, she blows the solve w/ THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT MARATHON to likely squander $10,250. Brandon then SPINGLES for an S and that blue 1/2 CAR…

T H I N G S / T H A T
G O / _ _ _ _ / I N
T H E / N I G H T
_ A T _ H _ A N


SOLE DQ: Nikki’s blown solve

Scores after R2
Brandon: $11,400/Women: NOTHING


Mystery/PP Round: PHRASE

Nikki’s road to redemption begins w/ an instant dud of R. Brandon secondly picks up the PartyCity gift tag w/ two T’s, four H’s for $1,600, an O, and two E’s…

_ H _ _ H / _ _ _ / T O
T H E / _ E _ _ _ H ?

…he’ll be asking somebody “WHICH WAY TO THE BEACH”,  because he’s won $2,100 cash  & party supplies plus a trip to the Divi Dutch Village Beach Resort in ARUBA worth $5,100.

SOLE DUD: R (Nikki)

Scores after R3
Brandon: $18,600 cash & prizes/Women: NOT GOOD NEWS


$3K Tossup: PLACE

C _ S _ _ M E
S H _ P

Brandon’s still perfect w/ COSTUME SHOP.

Round 4: FUN & GAMES

His opening letters are a $500 N, a $450 S, an I, but then a baddie of T. Second for Trista are a $600 G, an E buy, but then D for dud. Third, Nikki’s BANKRUPTED next to the invisible WC. Back to our big leader who puts up three B’s for $900…

B _ B B I N G / _ _ _
_ _ _ _ E S

…he knows about BOBBING FOR APPLES for another $1,600.

DUDS: T (Brandon), D (Trista)

Scores after R4
Brandon: $23,200 cash & prizes/Women: VERY BAD SHAPE

Round 5: WAYD?

After an $800 N by Trista, it’s Speed-Up Mode time…

_ _ _ _ _ _ N _ / _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

…w/ the remaining consonants worth $1,350 each. A K gets put up by Vanna…

C H _ C K _ N G / M _
H _ R _ S C _ _ _


DUDS: T (Brandon), L (Nikki)

Brandon: $25,900 cash & prizes/Women: DOUBLE $1K GOOSEEGGING

GRAND TOTAL: $27,900
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding MDW): $5,150


$100K Bonus Round
Brandon’s the first player this season w/ no one supporting him, but he lands on the N of SPIN.

Category: THING
About 1/3 to start…

_ _ R T _
_ _ _ _ R

 DMGA adds nothing but two of the hot vowel…

_ A R T _
_ A _ _ R

…he BLOWS IT w/ PARTY CAPER and PARTY PAPER when there’s no E in the bottom. This PARTY FAVOR would’ve been worth…


BTW, this episode aired on Pat’s 65th birthday.


WOF Retro Recap: October 25, 2011


_ / _ E E
D _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ E

Janis exactly recites “I SEE DEAD PEOPLE” from “The Sixth Sense”. Again, we’re meeting them from left to right…

Janis Vasquez: programmer for country probation dept. from Bakersfield, CA
A.P. Andrews: playwright/director/actor since age 16 from NY (originally from Superior, NE)
Stephanie Toups: office admin. and cook who studies ancient history and got engaged at The Grand Canyon w/ a rock that had the words “Keep an eye open for a good rock to take home” from Houma, LA


_ A _ P A / _ A Y
B _ C _ A _ E E R S


FEATURED HALLOWEEN TRIP: The Palazzo w/ a Haunted Vegas Tour worth $6,115

Jackpot Round: PHRASE

Stephanie starts the search w/ two S’s for the blue 1/2 CAR, two T’s for $1,600, and give E’s, then she puts up two Jackpot R’s, two H’s for another $600, an O, two M’s for another $900 and an $1,100 pair of N’s. Board now…

T H E R E ‘ S
S O M E T H _ N _
_ N _ E R / M _ / _ E _

…she says “THERE’S SOMETHING UNDER MY BED” for $5,700.


Scores after R1
Janis: $1K/A.P.: $0/Stephanie: $7,700 + 1/2 CAR


PP Round: WAYD?

Janis first picks up the DVDEmpire.com gift tag w/ an N, FPs two I’s, but then gives up that tag to the BANKRUPT near TD. Second, A.P. inserts the obvious $500 G, two T’s to add $800, six E’s, an H for the WC, but then S for sorry. Third, Stephanie takes a $300 C, but she then gives the money right back along w/ her plate to the other normal BANKRUPT. Janis next puts up three R’s for $2,400, but no more w/ K. A.P.’s second turn sees him putting up a $500 M for the same plate that Stephanie lost, buying an O and two A’s to close the vowel shop, and plugging in a B and two L’s at $300 a pop…

_ E E L I N G
T H E / _ A R M
T R O _ I C A L
B R E E _ E

…he’s won his first $1,950 and will be FEELING THE WARM TROPICAL BREEZE on his trip to the Almond Morgan Bay in ST. LUCIA worth $7K.

DUDS: S (A.P.), K (Janis)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Scores after R2
Janis: $1K/A.P.: $8,950 cash & trip + WC/Stephanie: $7,700


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER

That man begins w/ four R’s for $2,200, four E’s, but then the same BANKRUPT Stephanie got to forfeit $1,950 and the WC. Speaking of that lady, she’s BANKRUPTED for the second time this game courtesy of the one near $3,500. Third in line, Janis says an S while on the MW next to the MDW and takes the obvious gamble…but she also gets her second BANKRUPT of the game. A.P. then spins once for the SL of three C’s for $900…

C R E E _ _
C R _ _ _ _
C R E _ _ _ R E S

…and kills these CREEPY CRAWLY CREATURES for a $100 bonus.

BANKRUPTS: 3 (whole group)

Scores after R3
Janis: $1K/A.P.: $9,950 cash & trip /Stephanie: $7,700


$3K Tossup: SONG TITLE

_ U _ E _ S T I T I _ N

A.P. solves Stevie Wonder’s “SUPERSTITION” to get into five figures.


A $400 T gets him started, but the BANKRUPT near the vacant WC spot bites him almost instantly; everybody has two of those. Down Stephanie’s road second are three H’s for $1,800, four E’s, triple S’s for $1,500, but then the bells for Speed-Up Mode…

T H E / H E _ _ _ E S S
H _ _ S E _ _ _

…the consonant value is $1,900. After a D pops up…

T H E / H E _ D _ E S S
H _ R S E _ _ _

Janis solves THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN for said FS amount.


Janis: $2,900/A.P.: $12,950 cash & trip/Stephanie: $7,700

GRAND TOTAL: $23,550
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding extras): $3,250 cash & movies


$100K Bonus Round
A.P.’s claimed the R envelope.

Category: PLACE
He needs some help in the top word…

_ _ N _ _
_ _ R L _ R

PCMA’s good for…

_ _ N _ _
P A R L _ R

only the second word. BGHO would’ve helped him solve BINGO PARLOR for $30K.

MY EP. RATING: 5 out of 10

WOF Retro Recap: October 24, 2011

This marks the start of a six-episode Halloween Week, just like the previous season. And this was the first taping day of S29, so they’re using the previous round structure w/ the Mystery Round in R3.


$1K Tossup: RHYME TIME

T _ R I L L S / _ N D
_ _ I L _ S

Andre completely botches this one w/ TWIRLS AND _______.

T _ R I L L S / A N D
_ _ I L _ S

Rachelle enjoys some THRILLS AND CHILLS. Our first guests this week…

Rachelle Garcia: Clovis Unified speech therapist and downtown hospital worker from Fresno
Andre Harris: student trasportation co. manager from Dallas, GA
Mary Stratton: luxury hotel hospitality saleswoman expecting her first child from S.F. (originally from Gowanda, NY)


_ I C _ _ _ A _ E
_ V _ N

Andre’s right this time w/ MICROWAVE OVEN.

FEATURED HALLOWEEN TRIP: Hilton Quebec w/ a ghost tour from Ghost Tours of Quebec worth $5,735

Jackpot Round: PHRASE (pumpkin for odds, witch for evens)

This is the only week of the season where the 1/2 car available isn’t the KIA Soul — it’s actually a Ford Fiesta S.

Andre’s off to a bad start w/ T. Second, Mary says another negative of R while on the Party City gift tag. Third, Rachelle calls up three S’s for $900, three A’s, a $450 H, two E’s and four I’s. She then picks up the MDW w/ a G, FPs an O, and buys the last vowel of U. We now have…

I / H A _ E / A
S _ E A _ I _ G
S U S _ I _ I O _

I HAVE A SNEAKING SUSPICION that she was being conservative in solving this puzzle for the house minimum.

DUDS: T (Andre), R (Mary)

Scores after R1
Rachelle & Andre: $2K apiece/Mary: $0



Mary’s first w/ two T’s for $1,800, three R’s to add another $900, but then the BANKRUPT near $3,500 to scare her out of $2,700. Second, Rachelle finds four N’s for $1,200, buys four E’s and two O’s, but then BANKRUPTS near the WC to let $700 and the MDW disappear. Third, Andre FPs three A’s and I’s, but LOSES A TURN. Mary resumes her play w/ a $500 C, an H for the WC, a $500 G for the green 1/2 CAR, and a U to clean out the vowels. After an $1,100 pair of S’s…

_ E _ T – S E _ _ I N G
A U T H O R / A N N E
R I C E –
A – R O N I

…she solves BEST-SELLING AUTHOR ANNE RICE-A-RONI for $1,850 when she could’ve gone for the L’s.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)
SOLE LaT: Andre

Scores after R2
Rachelle & Andre: $2K apiece/Mary: $1,850 + 1/2 CAR


Mystery/PP Round: THINGS

Rachelle begins w/ three S’s for $1,650, two E’s, a FP A, but then the BANKRUPT near TD, her second of the night. Andre’s second in line w/ a $600 P, an I buy, but then the sole dud vowel of O. Third, Mary gets up there a $300 L, two U’s to wipe out the vowels again, and two R’s for her second plate from the same location. She’s still stumped on the first word, so she keeps on going w/ a $550 Y and an X while on the MW near LaT. She obviously declines the risk and finally goes for the solve…

S P A / S E R _ I _ E S

…she’s RIGHT w/ LUXURY SPA SERVICES! Now, the bad news is that she would have had the $10K MW, but she still wins $2,600 plus the $14,999 Fiesta S, and a $6,500 trip to The Springs Resort & Spa in COSTA RICA for a total of $24,099 cash & prizes!


Scores after R3
Rachelle & Andre: $2K apiece/Mary: $25,949 cash & prizes


$3K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

_ _ _ _ A S _
F O O _ _ _ _ L

Whether Mary plays some FANTASY FOOTBALL at home or not, she’s solved that one to go to $28,949.

Round 4: TV QUOTE (full $1,500 speed-up)

After Andre finds four of the first letter of his name…

W H O / W A S / T H A T
M A S _ _ _ / M A N ?

…he asks “WHO WAS THAT MASKED MAN?” (from “The Lone Ranger”) for $3K.

DUDS: R (Rachelle), L (Andre), P (Rachelle), C (Andre)

Rachelle: $2K/Andre: $5K/Mary: $28,949 cash & prizes

GRAND TOTAL: $35,949
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding MDW): $4,800


$100K Bonus Round
Like S28’s edition of this theme week, the car up for grabs is a Mitsubishi Eclipse coupe. After getting the first car of her life, Mary lands on the first A in AMERICA’S.

Category: THING
Limited RSTLNE help…

_ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ E

MCPA and D give her…

_ _ _ D
A D _ _ C E

Here’s some GOOD ADVICE for you ma’am — don’t spend the $30K you just won all in one place! Her final total is $58,949 cash & prizes.

MY EP. RATING: 8 out of 10

WOF Retro Recap: October 21, 2011


S O _ _ / _ I K E
_ T / H O _

Matt solves the ’59 classic “SOME LIKE IT HOT” (also an ’85 song by The Power Station feat. Robert Palmer). Let’s see if at least one of these players will heat up in terms of winnings…

Matt Vuorela: campaign fundraising manager for non-profit organizations from Omaha
Michael Baehr: large animal shelter worker from San Diego Way
Angelique Piccolo: office mgr. for an advertisting co. in Boca Raton from Miami

$2K Tossup: PROPER NAME 

J _ L I A _ N E
M O _ _ _

Matt’s two for two w/ JULIANNE MOORE.

LAST DH OF THE WEEK: El Dorado Hotel & Spa in Santa Fe, NM worth $5,290

Jackpot Round: OCCUPATION

Matt BANKRUPTS near TD right out of the gate. Second, Michael calls for two T’s at $450 a pop, two E’s, and four I’s, but he then gets the exact same fate as Matt to lose the $400 remainder. Third, Angelique puts in an N for the TravelSmith gift tag, a $300 R and two A’s, but she too BANKRUPTS the same way the men did to hand back $1,050 cash & GT. Matt next lights up three L’s for $1,500, buys the remaining vowels (O and U singles), and captures a $1K pair of C’s. Board, please…

_ U _ L I C
R E L A T I O N _
_ _ E C I A L I _ T

…he solves PUBLIC RELATIONS SPECIALIST for $2K instead of going for the S’s and the P’s.

BANKRUPTS: 3 (whole gang)

Scores after R1
Michael & Angelique: $0 each/Matt: $5K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Michael’s first w/ three T’s for the MDW, two H’s for the WC, and two N’s for the Santa Fe trip, followed by a $500 G, two E’s, a $400 C, and two I’s, but he then gets a beating from the other normal BANKRUPT to forfeit not only $5,690 cash & trip but also his other valuable cardboard pieces. Second, Angelique picks up the green 1/2 KIA w/ a $500 D, two A’s to round out the vowels, an $800 W, two S’s for $1,800 more, and the same number of R’s for $700 extra, but next is a CRITICAL DUD of M. Matt then goes for yet another house minimum solve…

_ R E A _
W I T H / T H E

…there no such show called “BREAK DANCING WITH THE STARS”, but he’s correct anyway.

SOLE DUD: M (Angelique)

Scores after R2
Michael & Angelique: $0 each/Matt: $6K



Angelique leads off w/ a $550 R, a $900 T, four E’s and an A, two H’s for $700 more, and two O’s, then come two N’s for a grand, two U’s, and a pair of S’s to throw in $1,800. Now we have…

_ O U / A R E / T H E
S U N S H _ N E
O _ / _ _ / _ _ _ E

She solves Stevie Wonder’s “YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE” for $3,950 plus a $6,900 hotwire.com trip to the Almond Casuarina Beach Resort in BARBADOS for a total of $10,850 in that round alone.


Scores after R3
Michael: BAD SHAPE/Angelique: $10,850 cash & trip/Matt: $6K


$3K Tossup: LANDMARK

T H _ / G R E _ T
P _ _ _ _ _ _

Matt gets DQed by adding an S at the end of his answer, allowing Angelique to capitalize w/ THE GREAT PYRAMID.

Round 4: PHRASE

A $400 N gets her started followed by two T’s to turn that into two grand, but we go into Speed-Up Mode…

_ _ N _ / _ _ _ _
_ _ T T _ _

…and the leftover consonants are worth $1,350 each. Michael puts up a D…

_ _ N D / _ _ _ R
_ _ T T _ R

…he blows the solve w/ LAND YOUR LETTER, possibly costing him said FS amount. Matt later calls those M’s…

M _ N D / _ _ _ R
M _ T T _ R

…he’s also wrong w/ MIND YOUR MATTER, and he gets the correct answer a split-second too late; the $5,400 in his bank still wouldn’t have been enough for the victory anyway. Mike then puts up that last remaining consonant of V…

M _ N D / _ V _ R
M _ T T _ R

…he finally shows some MIND OVER MATTER for $2,700.

DUDS (all after bell; last four consecutively): L (Angelique), B (Matt), S (Angelique), P (Matt), K (Michael), C (Angelique)
DQs: 4 (L and T repeats by Mike and Angelique, respectively, and blown solves by the men)

Michael: $2,700/Angelique: $13,850 cash & trip/Matt: $6K

GRAND TOTAL: $22,550
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding extras): $7,140 cash & prizes


$100K Bonus Round
That maingame wasn’t very pretty, but Angelique is lucky to make it here. She spins up the *.

Category: FOOD & DRINK
The first word should already be established…

_ R _ N _ E
_ _ _ _ R _ _ S

GMHO’s a pretty good combo…

O R _ N G E
G _ M _ R O _ S

…she eats up these ORANGE GUMDROPS (though not immediately) for $30K and a final total of $43,850 cash & trip.

MY EP. RATING: 6 out of 10

WOF Retro Recap: October 20, 2011


$1K Tossup: SONG TITLE

O _ / T H E / R _ _ D
_ _ A _ _

Scott solves “ON THE ROAD AGAIN” (by Willie Nelson). Before we get this show on the road, let’s talk with each of these players…

Scott Tatman: project admin. for an admin./engineering firm from Fresno, CA
Charis Knight: senior reporting analyst at a relocation co. and licensed dance fitness instructor from Memphis
Sara Liles: LfaT since age 4 who had her grandma dig up a Christmas picture of her asking for one of the show’s board games from Baton Rouge

$2K Tossup: THING

L _ C _ Y
P E _ _ _

Charis seems to have a LUCKY PENNY.

FEATURED DH (courtesy of Hotwire): Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa in Moab, UT worth $5,415

Jackpot Round: SAME NAME

Charis wastes a spin w/ the MDW’s right-side BANKRUPT. Second, Sara picks up the WC w/ a T, but doesn’t get an opportunity to use it because of a dud in N. Third, Scott gets the other MDW BANKRUPT. Charis restarts w/ three S’s for $900, two A’s, a FP E, but then LaT. Sara next calls up L and R singles for $5K (the latter via the WC usage), two I’s and a $900 P, but the BANKRUPT near TD gets her to the tune of $5,650. Scott follows w/ a $550 V, an O to clean out the vowels, and a $500 V for the blue 1/2 KIA, but he then squanders his turn w/ D for dummy. Charis then puts up twin C’s for $1,200…

L A S / V E G A S / &
C O _ I C

…and solves LAS VEGAS & COMIC STRIP for $1,850.

DUDS: N (Sara), D (Scott)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (whole gang)
SOLE LaT: Charis

Scores after R1
Sara: $0/Scott: $1K/Charis: $3,850


Mystery Round: FOOD & DRINK 

Sara gets to work by calling three T’s for $2,700, two I’s, a $500 H for the green 1/2 KIA, four E’s and A’s, and two N’s for $600 before BANKRUPTING the same way she did before to forfeit $3,050 and the plate. Scott secondly gets a hold of the MW near the MDW after calling an M…it’s $10K! Next up are a $1,650 trio of L’s, a D for the Camping World gift tag, and the leftover vowels, then we have…

O A T M E A L / _ I T H
_ L U E _ E _ _ I E _
A N D / _ A L N U T _

…I don’t actually eat OATMEAL WITH BLUEBERRIES AND WALNUTS, but he solves this puzzle for $12,150 cash & camping gear.


Scores after R2
Sara: NUNCA/Scott: $13,150 cash & gear/Charis: $3,850



First from that man are two N’s for $1,200, four E’s, and O, two D’s for a grand and three A’s. But after a $400 W is the sole dud vowel of I. Charis then goes for the mystery trip…

_ E A D _ / _ O _ / A
N E W / A D _ E N _ _ _ E

She’s READY FOR A NEW ADVENTURE — it’s a $9,700 MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE from Celebrity Cruises. 

SOLE DUD: I (Scott)

Scores after R3
Sara: GOOSEEGG ALERT/Scott: $13,150 cash & gear/Charis: $13,550 cash & cruise



S _ _ _ / _ H _ _ E

Sara IDs SNOW WHITE to finally get on the board.

Round 4: RHYME TIME (full $1,600 speed-up)

Two F’s have been put up by Vanna…

F R _ _ / _ _ R _ T
T _ / F _ R _ T

Scott isn’t going FROM WORST TO FIRST — he actually went from second to victory w/ the $8K solve!

DUDS (both by Sara): N, C (as in null cycle)

Sara: $3K/Scott: $21,150 cash & gear/Charis: $13,550 cash & cruise

GRAND TOTAL: $37,700


$100K Bonus Round
Scott’s stopping point is the N of WIN.

Category: THING
Let’s get this biggie started…

_ _ L L – _ _ _ _ E _
_ L _ _ _ R

BCPA adds…

_ _ L L – B _ _ _ E _
_ L A _ _ R

He doesn’t taste the FULL-BODIED FLAVOR of this puzzle (he thought it was some kind of PLAYER, though he got FULL) for $30K.

MY EP. RATING: 7 out of 10

WOF Retro Recap: October 19, 2011



_ _ _ A _ _ _ L O

Asher identifies the desert animal as an ARMADILLO. Meeting them in order…

Asher Rohan: licensed skydiver who’s been living in L.A. for 5 yrs. (originally from IL)
Jeni Kester: stay-at-home mom from S.F.
Naida Dzafic: Northern Arizona University student who’s been watching this program nightly w/ her dad from Flagstaff, AZ (originally from Bosnia)

$2K Tossup: SHOW BIZ

_ R A S S
_ _ N D

Naida’s right w/ BRASS BAND.

FEATURED DH (courtesy of Hotwire): J.W. Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Desert, CA worth $5,165

Jackpot Round: LANDMARK

Our LfaT is off and running w/ two T’s for $1,800, a pair of E’s, two R’s for $600, and a couple O’s, followed by a $5K pair of N’s and four A’s before we’re looking at…

_ O _ _ _ A / T R E E
N A T _ O N A _ / _ A R _

…she solves JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK for $6,650.


Scores after R1
Asher: $1K/Jeni: $0/Naida: $8,650


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Asher gets this round going w/ two T’s for $600, a pair of E’s, but then the BANKRUPT near TD. Second, Jeni picks up four R’s for $3,600, a pair of A’s, and two S’s while on the MW near LaT. She adds the $2K to the $3,350 she currently has (that was the $10K, however). Next up are two I’s, but then an unfortunate dud of N while on TD. Third, Naida spots a $300 D an O, a B for the Palm Desert trip, and a V while on the other MWbut she then forfeits $5,215 cash & trip for flipping it over. Back to Asher who puts up a $500 L, the last vowel of two U’s, a $600 pair of M’s, and a $500 G, but the MDW’s left-side BANKRUPT erases the $1,100 on his screen. Jeni then takes a stab at this…

M A G I _ A L
M _ S T E R _
B U S / D R I V E R

…she imagines a MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR BUS DRIVER for $5,100.

SOLE DUD: N (Jeni)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (Asher 2x, Naida)

Scores after R2
Asher: $1K/Jeni: $5,100/Naida: $8,650



Jeni instantly gets the other MDW BANKRUPT. Second, Naida LOSES A TURN. Third, Asher picks up the WC w/ a T, but he’s forced to give it right back to the other normal BANKRUPT; that’s his third one this game. Jeni next picks a $300 H, four E’s, four S’s for $1,200 more, an I, a $400 N and three R’s for $1,800 extra…

T H E / _ R _ S S
I S / _ _ _ _ _ S
_ R E E N E R

…she says “THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER” for $3,200 plus a $5,500 Aer Lingus trip to IRELAND.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Jeni, Asher)
SOLE LaT: Naida

Scores after R3
Asher: $1K/Jeni: $13,800 cash & Ireland/Naida: $8,650 



C _ _ E S E
_ R _ T _ R

Asher quadruples up w/ CHEESE GRATER.

Round 4: PHRASE (full $1,600 speed-up)

After an M call…

_ R _ N _ H _ N G / T H _
N _ M _ _ R S

…we’re CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS, and Asher makes the $8K solve. Even if he called the C’s, he still would’ve lost by $200. 

Asher: $12K/Jeni: $13,800 cash & Ireland/Naida: $8,650  

GRAND TOTAL: $34,450
BANKRUPT TRASH: $6,665 cash & trip


$100K Bonus Round
Jeni’s envelope will be the *.

Category: THING
Here’s the middle column of letters…

_ _ N _ _
_ _ S _ _

HCFI gives her the last two letters of the answer…

_ _ N _ _
_ _ S I C

…but DANCE MUSIC is soooo wrong. The right one for $30K was BANJO MUSIC.

MY EP. RATING: 6 out of 10

WOF Retro Recap: October 18, 2011


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ O _ _ _ E
D _ _ _ _ _

Alane quickly IDs the MOJAVE DESERT, and this is your Tuesday panel…

Alane Hunt: Univ. of Alabama senior majoring in secondary math education from Prattville, IN
Brad Strauss: youth sports coach who just finished doing so for football and is just starting soccer from Chandler, AZ
Tami Rumfelt: radio morning show host who also does volunteer work for Caroline’s Promise from Kernersville, NC

$2K Tossup: PLACE

_ E A U _ Y
P _ R _ O R

Alane’s two for two w/ BEAUTY PARLOR.

FEATURED DH: New York, New York Las Vegas Hotel & Casino from spafinder.com worth $6K

Jackpot Round: SHOW BIZ (deserted island)

The first letters from her this evening are two T’s for $1,100, a $600 S, two O’s, a $450 H and two E’s, followed by two Jackpot N’s, four I’s, a $500 R for the blue 1/2 KIA, and four A’s. Board now…

A _ _ I E N _ E
_ A R T I _ I _ A T I O N
S H O _

…”Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” are each an example of an AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION SHOW, and she has the right answer for $2,650 (two C’s and P’s left behind). 


Scores after R1
Tami: $0/Alane: $5,650 +
1/2 KIA/Brad: $0


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Brad leads off w/ four N’s for $2,400, two E’s and six I’s, a $7K pair of T’s, an A, a
$3,500 H and the last vowel of three O’s. He then lands on TD for the third time this round…but says a MAJOR DUD of M to leave $11,900 sitting there. Tami then inserts a $500 R, a D for the Camping World gift tag, and a FP C, then she says…

_ O _ E / I _ / I N
T H E / A I R
C O N D I T I O N I N _

….“LOVE IS IN THE AIR CONDITIONING” (the first half is a ’78 song by John Paul Young) for $2K in cash and camping gear.

SOLE DUD: M (Brad) 

Scores after R2
: $2K cash & camping/Alane: $5,650 +



Tami first says an automatic dud of R. Second, Alane chooses a $600 T and a $500 H for the other 1/2 KIA, then she buys three A’s and I’s, calls up a $1,650 trio of N’s, FPs two O’s, and puts up twin C’s for $1,200. But she then buys the sole dud vowel of E to possibly lose at least $18,200 cash & Soul. Brad follows that negative moment w/ a $300 W, the last vowel of two U’s, but then a pathetic call of L. Tami then calls up the double D’s for $1,100…

_ U D D I N _

…she’ll sample some HAWAIIAN COCONUT PUDDING on her trip to the Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa from hotwire.com worth $5,020.

DUDS: R (Tami), E (Alane), L (Brad)

Scores after R3

Tami: $8,120 cash & prizes/Alane: $5,650/Brad: BAD SHAPE


$3K Tossup: PERSON

_ _ _ A S U R E
H _ N T _ _

Tami’s acting like a TREASURE HUNTER, so she’s up over $11K.

Round 4: PHRASE (full $1,600 speed-up)

After an R call by somebody…

_ T ‘ S / J _ S T

_ / _ _ R _ _ _

Alane says “IT’S JUST A MIRAGE” for $4,800, but she still loses by just $670.

SOLE DUD: N (Brad)

Tami: $11,120 cash & prizes/Alane: $10,450/Brad: DESERVING $1K GOOSEEGG

GRAND TOTAL: $22,570


$100K Bonus Round
Tami has the ‘ envelope.

Category: THING
She gets the last two letters of the first word to start…

_ _ L E / _ _
_ _ _

HCDA does her some good…

_ A L E / _ _
H A _

…well…she somehow gets this BALE OF HAY w/ only .2 seconds to spare! But all that gets her is the $30K, so she leaves w/ $41,120 cash & prizes. 

MY EP. RATING: 6 out of 10

WOF Retro Recap: October 17, 2011

Here’s hoping that somebody will end an aired 8-episode BR losing streak on a week that’s showcasing some “Desert Hideaways”. And this week marks the transition of the Mystery Round to R2 while the PP Round is permanent in R3. 


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

F _ _ L / _ _ E

H E _ T

Donna might FEEL THE HEAT when playing this game on stage. Introducing…

Donna Smith: marketing coordinator for an engineering company from Glendora, CA
Juanita Amartey:business manager of an executive search firm from Chicago
Brian Tatum: Harmony Baptist Church pastor and a photographer from Walnut, MS

$2K Tossup: ON THE MAP 

S _ _ _ A / F E
_ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ O

Donna locates SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO to triple up.

FEATURED DH: $5K caravan.com Great American West/Grand Canyon tour

Jackpot Round: MOVIE TITLE

First, she picks up the TravelSmith gift tag w/ three T’s, calls for two H’s at $300 a pop, buys five E’s, but then BANKRUPTS near TD to lose $1,350 cash & GT. Second, Juanita lights up a $500 N, two F’s for another $1,100, two O’s, an L for the blue 1/2 KIA, and two P’s for $1,200 more, then she buys two A’s and inserts a $1,600 pair of S’s before she sees…

_ _ S E / O F / T H E
P L A N E T / O F
T H E / A P E S

…she solves “RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES” for $4,400.


Scores after R1
Brian: $0/Donna: $3K/Juanita: $4,400 + 1/2 KIA


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER

Juanita’s off to a bad start w/ S. Second, Brian BANKRUPTS the same way Donna did in the last round. That middle lady is third in line w/ five N’s for $4,500, two I’s, the FPing of three A’s, but then the same BANKRUPT she got before to forfeit $4,250. That’s her second one of the game. Juanita’s back in control w/ a $600 pair of G’s, two T’s for that MDW, two R’s for $1,800 more, three O’s and the SL of four M’s for that WC. We now have…

M A N _ A T O R _
M O N _ A _
M _ _ T I N G

…after a MANDATORY MONDAY MORNING MEETING, she’s won $2,150. 

SOLE DUD: S (Juanita)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (her opponents)

Scores after R2
Brian: ZIP/Donna: $3K/Juanita: $6,550 + WC + MDW + 1/2 KIA



Brian gets started w/ two K’s for the green 1/2 KIA, a $500 H, an E, three F’s for another $1,500, and five O’s, but that same BANKRUPT strikes again (that’s his second one of the game), so he’s gonna have to give back $2,500 and that plate. Donna secondly can’t find any of the first letter of her name. Third, Juanita gets bad news — all three of her cardboard pieces are gone to the other normal BANKRUPT. After Brian quickly loses another turn w/ S, Donna takes four N’s for $3,200, five I’s to put the vowels out of play, and a $1,200 pair of L’s. Board now…

_ O O L I N _ / O F F
I N / T H E
I N F I N I T _ / _ O O L

She’s $4,150 richer, and she’ll be COOLING OFF IN THE INFINITY POOL during her stay at The Westin ST. MAARTEN Dawn Beach Resort & Spa worth $7,865.

Scores after R3
Brian: ROTTEN LUCK/Donna: $15,015 cash & trip/Juanita: $6,550


$3K Tossup: THINGS

_ U G S / A _ D
_ I _ S _ S

Juanita has some HUGS AND KISSES to move to $9,550.


She has an instant strikeout w/ T. Brian secondly BANKRUPTS near TD for the third time this episode. Donna next puts up the backloading S for $900…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S

…but we go into Speed-Up Mode w/ a $1,300 FS. Brian later puts up the M…

_ L _ _ M _ N G
_ _ L D F L _ _ _ R S

…two W’s were left on the board, but he solves BLOOMING WILDFLOWERS for $3,900.

DUDS (all by Juanita; only the first one’s said before Speed-Up): T, P, C

Brian: $3,900/Donna: $15,015 cash & trip/Juanita: $9,550

GRAND TOTAL: $28,465
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $8,100 cash & GT


$100K Bonus Round
This week’s vehicle can be used out in the desert — a Jeep Wrangler Sport. Donna spins up the E in GAME.

Here’s how this 9-letter answer starts…

_ _ _ N _
_ _ L _ 

DFCA fills in…

_ _ _ N _

the entire second word, but she still manages to catch this YOUNG CALF to end the losing streak and win the $35K for a final total of $50,015 cash & trip!

MY EP. RATING: 7 out of 10