WOF Recap: May 27, 2014


$1K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

_ _ R _ _ – _ _ – _ _ U N D

Nick doesn’t even know it.

_ E R _ Y – _ _ – _ _ U N D

Emily has taken a spin on the MERRY-GO-ROUND, but she and these two will be spinning their way to big winnings…

Emily Maskell: bridal consultant from Laguna Beach
Ruth Hill Bro: privacy attorney and fiction/screenplay writer from Terre Haute
Nick Bambick: drive-in restaurant consumer insights analyst and Oklahoma Sports HoF executive counsel member from Yukon, OK (orig. from Fredonia, KS)

$2K Tossup: RHYME TIME (but also SONG TITLE)

_ U _ _ I –
F _ _ _ _ _

Ruth IDs “TUTTI-FRUTTI” (by Little Richard from ’55).

FEATURED HOTWIRE TRIP: New Kuta Hotel in Bali worth $6,344

Round 1: TV TITLE

She picks up the Activist Eyewear gift tag right away w/ four T’s, then she buys an E, calls up three H’s for $2,100, and purchases three O’s. Following a $2,100 trio of N’s…

T H E / T O N _ _ H T
_ H O _ / _ T _ _ _ _ N _
_ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ O N

…she quickly solves “THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON” for $6,700 cash and eyewear.


Scores after R1
Ruth: $8,700 cash & eyewear/Nick: $0/Emily: $1K


Mystery Round: THING

Nick begins his journey w/ an N for the WC, a $700 R and three O’s, then she puts up two L’s for $800, a D for the 1/2 CAR near $900 and a couple E’s before BANKRUPTING near $650 to lose $2K and those cardboard pieces. Second, Emily puts up a $900 M and three T’s for another $1,950…

M _ L T _ – _ O L O R E D
_ O N _ E T T _

It’s a shame they couldn’t spray the MULTI-COLORED CONFETTI at the end of last Friday’s episode, but Emily’s won another $2,850.


Scores after R2 
Ruth: $8,700 cash & eyewear/Nick: NOTHING/Emily: $3,850

The repeating bonus puzzle flashback (first aired on 3/25/13) is from NFL Player’s Wk. ’98 (they couldn’t solve HOLD THE MAYO).


PP/Express Round: PHRASE (w/ a ? at the end)

Here goes Emily w/ the calling of two N’s for $1,200, an A, three FP O’s, and an E, but the other normal BANKRUPT costs her the leftover $700. Second for Ruth are a $400 H, but then the LaT. Third, Nick inserts two W’s for $600 and a B while on EXPRESS. He’s TAKING THE RIDE.

His Current Bank: $1,600
Next Choices: 2 Y’s…U…two I’s (NMV)…3 L’s…solve attempt (huh?)

H O W / L O N _
W I L L / Y O U / B E
_ _ A Y I N _ ?

He asks “HOW LONG WILL YOU BE STAYING?”, and I respond “Probably a week, but you’ve won $6,100 plus a trip package to ANTIGUA’S St. James’s Club”; that puts him on the board w/ $14,039.  

SOLE LaT: Ruth

Note to future contesti — this is not a great EXPRESS playing; always go for every consonant available!

Scores after R3 
Ruth: $8,700 cash & eyewear/Nick: $14,039 cash & Antigua/Emily: $3,850


$3K Tossup: PLACE

_ _ _ _ _ I N _ / G O _ D S
_ T O _ _

Nick gets SPORTING GOODS STORE, to go over the $17K mark.


His opening letters are a $700 N, a $500 G, an I, three O’s, but then a baddie of U. Second, Emily LaTs out. Third, Ruth finds triple T’s for $15K, but she also buys a worthless vowel in A (no buzzer, but murmurs from the audience). After Nick gets the whistle blow for repeating the T, Emily picks a $300 L and three H’s for $1,500…

_ _ _ L I N G
H O T / H O T / H O T

…she solves “FEELING HOT, HOT, HOT” (by Arrow from ’83 and covered most notably by Buster Poindexter) for $1,800.

DUDS: U (Nick), A (Ruth)
SOLE LaT: Emily
SOLE DQ: Nick’s T duplication

Scores after R4 
Ruth: $8,700 cash & GT/Nick: $17,039 cash & prizes/Emily: $5,650


Round 5: WAYD? (full $1,600 speed-up)

L _ N D _ N G / _
H _ L _ _ N G / H _ N D

I wish I was LENDING A HELPING HAND to Ruth late last round (she would’ve gone to Bonusland), but she makes the solve for $6,400.

DUDS: T (Emily), R (Ruth), C (Emily)

Ruth: $15,100 cash & GT/Nick: $17,039 cash & prizes/Emily: $5,650 

GRAND TOTAL: $37,789
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding extras): $2,700


$100K Bonus Round
He spins up the C.

Category: PHRASE
This is all he gets to start this seven-letter answer…

_ _ _ / _ T
_ _

MBHI puts him in great shape w/ this…

M I _ / I T
_ _

Even w/ that successful solve, we couldn’t MIX IT UP in regard to him winning $30K, so he leaves w/ $47,039 cash & prizes.

$5K SPIN ID: JH3198437

FINAL NOTE: The Wrangler’s provided by Motor Village LA instead of Buerge Motors



3 thoughts on “WOF Recap: May 27, 2014

  1. Anonymous May 28, 2014 / 1:42 am

    why ep. Rating 6 instead 7?


  2. Andy Nguyen May 28, 2014 / 1:47 am

    Everybody was being consonative in the first three rounds, the Express playing wasn't that textbook, and the $30K win made me go with 6.


  3. JP Mackey May 28, 2014 / 2:23 am

    Wow. I also give it a 6. This episode was pretty boring. And Nick is the blogger so I'm guessing and ONLY guessing that he'll the biggest winner this week. Sigh..


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