Week 28 Stats

Well, this team week was just a disgrace. I don’t think these ladies fully cooperated w/ each other.

Total this Week: $171,940
Total for the Season: $6,906,049
BR Win Record: 57-83 (.407)
Total Car Wins: 20
-1/2 Car: 12
-BR Car: 8

$100,000 Wins-Losses: still 0-0  
$1M Bonus Rounds: 8
Perfect BR Weeks: 0
Prize Wedge Wins: 35
Gift Tag Wins: 29
Mystery Wedge Wins: 9
MW was $10K-Bankrupt: 22-22
$10K MW was on $700: 23
$10K MW was on $300: 34
Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 44-14
Express was Played-Passed: 31-8
Express Successes-Fails: 17-14
Wild Card Usages
Maingame: 9 (1 on $5K, 5 on $3,500, 2 on $500, 1 on $450)
BR: 15

FP Vowels/Consonants/Solves: 81/38/0
5-Round Games: 36
6-Round Games: 2

Gooseegg Victims: 19
Red Winners: 43
Yellow Winners: 37
Blue Winners: 55
This Week’s Bankrupt Trash: $26,150 / 2 WCs
Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $571,901* / 35 WC / 48 ½ CAR tags / 8 MDWs
Biggest Bankrupt: $22,495 (Oct. 18), $18,390 (Mar. 14), $14,750 (Jan. 6)    
Season-Worst Bankrupt Trashes for One Night: $36,845* (Oct. 18), $25,600* (Nov. 12), $21,350* (Feb. 25)

Highest-Winning Totals: $81,999 (Feb. 24), $77,898 (Mar. 11), $76,300 (Feb. 10) 
Lowest-Winning Totals: $10,850 (Jan. 31), $10,400 (Nov. 26), $8,712 (Jan. 20)
Highest Maingame Winnings: $65,444 (Mar. 17), $64,745 (Oct. 2), $63,798 (Nov. 29)

Season-High Week: $346,921 (Disney Cruise Line Week)
Season-Low Week: $171,940 (Girlfriend Getaways)

* includes prizes


WOF Recap: March 28, 2014 — BR SHUTOUT ALERT #4


$1K Tossup: EVENT

_ _ _ _ ‘
N I G _ _ / _ U T

Amanda & Nikole know they’re on a GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT. Our final set of women this week…

Amanda Piscopello & Nikole Dunn: Amanda’s originally from Johnston, RI while Nikole’s originally from Torrington, CT; they’re engineers for a defense contractor and roomates in Groton, CT
Danielle DeLeo (originally from New Paltz, NY) & Andrea El-Turkmani (North Providence): Danielle (originally from New Paltz, NY) is an insurance agent who attends grad school at Lesley Univ. while Andrea from North Providence is a worker for a nonprofit domestic violence org. and is pursuing her Master’s in Social Work
Maggie Campbell & Lauren Hugo: Maggie’s a CO State student while Lauren studies at UCSD 
$2K Tossup: WAYD?

_ R D E _ _ _ G
_ P _ E _ I Z E _ S

D & A are ORDERING APPETIZERS, so they’ll spin first.

FEATURED GG: carvan.com tour of Canada worth $9,600


That team closest to Pat controls the entire round…

N O B O D _ / _ _ T _
B A B _ / I N / T H E
_ O R N E R

…and solves “NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER” (from “Dirty Dancing”) for $3,900.

Scores after R1
D & A: $5,900/M & L: $0/A & N: $1K


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER 

M & L are first w/ two FP A’s, an R for the Beyond the Rack gift tag, two S’s for a grand, and an E, then they put up two N’s for $1,800 and quad F’s (the SL) for $2,800 before hitting LaT. Second, A & N find two T’s for $700, two $500 L’s, and the last vowels of a U and three I’s. One $900 D later…

F A N T A S T I _
F U N – F I L L E D
F R I D A _ S

…they solve FANTASTIC FUN-FILLED FRIDAYS for another three grand.


Scores after R2

D & A: $5,900/M & L: ZERO/A & N: $4K

PP/Express Round: PLACE

A & N get this crucial round underway w/ three T’s for $2,100 and an H while on EXPRESS. They will…GO FOR IT.

Their Current Bank: $3,100
Next Letters: 3 E’s, CRASH w/ R ($2,850 lost)

Second, D & A call up four N’s for $1,400, two A’s, a $300 C, a $500 M and a single I. After an F for the WC

T H E / I _ _ A N _ / _ F

They’ve won another $2,200 and a trip package to THE ISLAND OF ENCHANTMENT — it’s the InterContinental San Juan Resort & Casino in PUERTO RICO worth $10,798.


Scores after R3

D & A: $18,898 cash & trip + WC/M & L: NADA/A & N: $4K

$3K Tossup: THE 80’s

S _ _ _ _ E N
C _ _ D _ _ _

M & L finally get off the schneid w/ “SIXTEEN CANDLES” (’84).

Round 4: PHRASE

First from there are four E’s and an $800 N, but we hear the bells for Speed-Up…

_ _ N/ _ _ _ / _ E E_
_ / _ E _ _ E _ ?

…and the FS is set at $1,500. After an S has been put up by Ms. White…

_ _ N / _ _ _ / _ E E _
_ / S E _ _ E T ?

CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET? D & A can’t do it, so they get the house minimum.

SOLE DUD (during S-U): L (M & N)

D & A: $20,898 cash & prizes + WC/M & L: $3K/A & N: $4K

GRAND TOTAL: $27,898


$100K Bonus Round
They land on the I of WIN.

Category: THING
This sounds more like a PHRASE to me…

_ _ S _ N E S S
S _ _ _ _

GBCA are first, then they make their WC choice M

B _ S _ N E S S
S A _ _ _ 

Even if they’re BUSINESS SAVVY…we have our SECOND BR SHUTOUT OF THE SEASON, and they’re the other $30K losers this week. It also means that we have a new S-L of $171,940.

$5K SPIN ID: KT2769296


WOF Recap: March 27, 2014

Like last Thursday and Friday, I’m gonna be getting help from Bobby McBride due to being pre-empted by bloody CBS March Madness. In fact, it will be the case every year on the 3rd and 4th Thursdays and Fridays of this month when I watch this program on CBS since June 2012. 

Anyway, this is NOT becoming a very promising week. We should have been perfect in Bonusland this week, but what is up w/ these contestants coming up short when the puzzles are solvable? 


$1K Tossup: PEOPLE
F _ _ _ B _ O K
_ R _ E _ _ _

I’ve got lots of FACEBOOK FRIENDS, and Michelle & Angela have scored first. Thursday’s women…

Michelle Cavaness & Angela Cocca: Michelle from Phoenix is a web designer by day and roller derby player by night while Angela’s originally from Allentown, PA
Bethany Lind & Breana Cagle: Bethany from Oakwood, GA is a kindergarten teacher at Martin Technology Academy while Breana from Flowery Branch, GA teaches at West High HS (and she helps w/ the cheerleading program)
Marielle Wakim & Amy Silverberg: Marielle’s an assoc. editor for a national award-winning magazine originally from Chicago while Amy’s a USC student getting her PhD in literature and creative writing
$2K Tossup: PLACE

_ _ _ _ _ _

Marielle & Amy are right w/ BEAUTY PARLOR.

FEATURED GG: The Westin Resort & Spa Los Cabos worth $10,032


They’re off to a nice $4,500 start w/ five T’s, then they call up two N’s for another $600, three O’s and a $700 pair of H’s. The board now…

H _ ‘ _ / _ _ _ T
N O T / T H _ T
_ N T O / _ O _

They solve “HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU” for $5,550. 


Scores after R1
B & B: $0/Marielle & Amy: $7,550/Michelle & Angela: $1K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER 

M & A at the end waste their first spin w/ the BANKRUPT near $650. Second, B & B have found two S’s for a grand, two T’s for another $1,200 and four E’s, then come two $500 H’s, two I’s, two N’s for another $1,200, an O, two W’s for yet another grand, and the last vowels of A and U before they say L for loss of turn. M & A in the middle SPINGLE for a $3,500 P…

P U _ E / A S
T H E / _ _ I _ E N

…and they’re PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW WHITE when they should’ve said the R’s instead.


SOLE BANKRUPT: Michelle/Angela

Scores after R2

B & B: ZIP/Marielle & Amy: $11,050/Michelle & Angela: $1K

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (’91 again): THING
KCMO was the chosen combination…

O N _ O N
S O _ _

…how the heck did this guy NOT know about ONION SOUP?


PP/Express Round: LANDMARK

The scoreless B & B are first w/ a $1,200 pair of S’s but then T for trouble. Second, Marielle/Amy have the same fate w/ an R call. Third, Michelle/Angela put up an $1,800 pair of M’s but then BANKRUPT the same way they did before. Back to the B girls who say a $450 N, buy an E and five A’s, but the L lets them down again. After Marielle/Amy hit the other normal BANKRUPT, Michelle/Angela FP three I’s, plug in two H’s for $1,800, but then BANKRUPT near $650 yet again; that’s their third one this evening. B & B then fill in a $500 W, buy two O’s, and light up a $1,500 D triplet. To the board we go… 
H A W A I I ‘ S
_ A M O _ S
D I A M O N D / H E A D

They solve HAWAII’S FAMOUS DIAMOND HEAD for their first $2,900 plus trips to the Outrigger Reef on the Beach worth w/ the NEX-5Ts worth $11,798.

DUDS: T (B & B), R (Michelle/Amy), L (B & B)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (Michelle/Angela 2x, Michelle/Amy)

Scores after R3

B & B: $14,698 cash & gifts/Marielle & Amy: $11,050/Michelle & Angela: $1K



_ A R _ _ / J E S _ I _ A
_ _ _ K _ _

B & B solve former “Sex and the City” star SARAH JESSICA PARKER.

Round 4: EVENT (full $1,800 speed-up)

After the T has been called early on…

_ _ _ _ _ _ R
_ _ R T _ 

…Marielle & Amy goof w/ BACHELOR PARTY. We fast forward to this…

S L _ _ B _ R
P _ R T _

Michelle & Angela can throw a SLUMBER PARTY w/ another $3,600 in their pockets.

SOLE DQ: Michelle/Amy’s missolve

B & B: $17,698 cash & gifts/Marielle & Amy: $11,050/Michelle & Angela: $4,600

GRAND TOTAL: $33,348


$100K Bonus Round
Breanna takes the Bonus Wheel to the I of SPIN.

Category: THINGS
I’m not sure if they’re gonna pull this one off…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ L E S 

HPCI adds two at the top…

_ _ C _ _ _ I
_ _ _ _ L E S 

but they won’t be relaxing in some JACUZZI BUBBLES w/ another $35K. FORCED LOSS material right there.

$5K SPIN ID: LL7181955


WOF Recap: March 26, 2014


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

W H _ _ / T _ / _ _ _ R ?

Kristin & Jessica ponder “WHAT TO WEAR?” (the ? was not necessary, IMO). Six more girls gracing your screens on this Hump Day…

Kristin Wasil & Jessica Kiefer: Kristin from Temperance, MI is a 4th grade teacher at Royal Elk ES while Jessica from Oakdale, MN is a 2nd grade teacher at Noble, ES
Shalonda Dean & Heather Galland: Shalonda’s a retail worker for a tech co. originally from Pittsburgh and grew up in Seattle while Heather from Redondo Beach works in retail management

Nicole Liner-Jigamian & Ilana Gelfand: Ilana’s the fashion director of an Internet start-up while Nicole works for the nonprofit TreePeople
$2K Tossup: PEOPLE 

_ O L _ _ _ E
_ O _ _ _ _ _ E S

K & J have nothing. 

_ O L _ E _ E
R O O M _ _ _ E S

Whether or not N & I are COLLEGE ROOMMATES, they’ll spin first.

FEATURED TRIP Voyagaire Lodge & Houseboats ride on Crane Lake, MN worth $7,327

Round 1: BEFORE & AFTER 

They lead off w/ two N’s for $1,800, two $2,500 S’s (one on each end of the puzzle), two E’s, two T’s for another $1,800, three H’s for the WC and an A. But after their next pick of two $900 R’s is the sole dud vowel of I. Over to K & J who find three C’s for $2,700, the last vowel of two U’s, and a $1,300 pair of M’s. We now have…

S T _ M A C H
T H E / N U M _ E R S

They don’t need to STOMACH CRUNCH THE NUMBERS, because they’ve taken the early lead w/ that $3,750 solve.

SOLE DUD: I (N & I)  

Scores after R1
S & H: $0/N & I: $2K + WC/K & J: $4,750

Mystery Round: WAYD? 

K & J instantly BANKRUPT near $650. Second, S & H call up two T’s for $900, a $600 S, four A’s, a $500 R, three E’s, a $350 C, and an I, then they see in their future three N’s for $900, the leftover vowels of three O’s and two U’s, a $500 D, a TD L, and the same BANKRUPT to give up six grand. N & I then put up two M’s for $1,400 and a couple K’s while on the MW near LaT. Despite the fact that it’s late in the round, they go for it…the $10K’s there

M A K E O _ E R / A N D
M A K E U _

…and they can each get a MAKEOVER AND MAKEUP CONSULTATION w/ $11,400!

BANKRUPTS: 2 (N & I’s opposition)  

Scores after R2
S & H: ZERO/N & I: $13,400 + WC/K & J: $4,750


PP/Express Round: WAYD? 

S & H say an automatic dud of T. Second, N & I have spotted a $500 N and an A via FP, then they call up three L’s for $900, two I’s, a $700 G, and three I’s to clean out the vowels. Two $800 S’s later, they LaT out. K & J try this puzzle on for size…

S L I _ _ I N G / O _ _
_ _ / _ L I _ – _ L O _ S

…but they blow it w/ SLIDING OFF OUR (or MY) FLIP-FLOPS. S & H then uncover quadruple P’s for $1,200…

S L I P P I N G / O _ _
_ _ / _ L I P – _ L O P S

…I’ll be SLIPPING OFF MY FLIP-FLOPS, and so do these ladies because they’ve won that amount plus a trip package to the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort in ST. THOMAS worth $10,398. 

SOLE DQ: K & J’s blown solve

Scores after R3
S & H: $12,398 cash & trip/N & I: $13,400 + WC/K & J: $4,750


$3K Tossup: RHYME TIME

G _ _ / P _ L

K & J get GAL PAL to go to $7,750.

Round 4: MOVIE TITLE (full $1,500 speed-up)

M _ S S
_ _ N _ _ N _ _ _ _ T _

K & J ID “MISS CONGENIALITY” for another three grand.

S & H: $12,398 cash & gifts/N & I: $13,400 + WC/K & J: $10,750

GRAND TOTAL: $36,548


$100K Bonus Round
The S from AMERICA’S is what Ilana takes for the team.

Category: EVENT
1/3 of the puzzle to start…

T _ _ _ N _
_ L _ _ _ T

HCDA and M don’t add too much more…

T A _ _ N _
_ L _ _ H T

…they don’t even get the first word, so they WON’T be TAKING FLIGHT w/ another $40K.

$5K SPIN ID: JC8571530


WOF Recap: March 25, 2014



M _ _ _ _ U
_ _ _ _ _ E

Marla & Nicole solve MALIBU BARBIE. The girls on this Tuesday…

Marla Merchut & Nicole Izbicky: Marla’s a 2nd-yr. law student in NYC (she’s originally from Chicago) while Nicole’s getting her Master’s in forensic psychology in NYC; they both attended Camp Giraffe & Grandeis Univ.
Brandie Moses & Ashley Chesney: Brandie (originally from Booneville, AR) owns a designated driving service while Ashley (originally from Jacksonville Beach) is a vodka sales rep
Elizabeth Kane & Deb Machen: Elizabeth’s a director of the nonprofit Run Seal Beach while Deb’s from Seal Beach, CA

$2K Tossup: RHYME TIME 

S _ _ D A Y
_ _ _ / _ _ Y

Brandie & Ashley solve SUNDAY FUN DAY (the bottom line should be a whole word, IMO). 

FEATURED TRIP: Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate w/ $1K Undercover Tourist credit worth $8,090

Round 1: PHRASE

B & A get us started w/ a $650 T, two S’s for that WC, and their purchases of an A and three E’s. That’s followed by a $650 H, two I’s to clean out the vowels, two $2,500 N’s, two M’s for a grand, a $500 Y but then L for lose. Second, E & D FP three R’s and we have…

S H E ‘ S / M Y
_ A R T N E R 
I N / _ R I M E

Elizabeth says “SHE’S MY PARTNER IN CRIME” to get her team on the board.


Scores after R2 
E & D: $2K/M & N: $1K/B & A: $2K + WC


Mystery Round: WAYD?

E & D are up first w/ two N’s for $700, five A’s, a TD G, two T’s for $1,300 and pairs of I’s and O’s, then they say two S’s for $1,400, a $650 R, two D’s for another $1,400, twin E’s, a $650 H, and a $1K pair of L’s. Now to the board…

_ L A _ I N G / T H E 
R A D I O / A S / L O _ D 
A S / _ E / _ A N T


Scores after R2
E & D: $11,250/M & N: $1K/B & A: $2K + WC 

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (’91): PHRASE
CDMA struck out for this lady…

_ L _ _ / _ T 
_ N

…and she couldn’t PLUG IT IN to victory.


PP/Express Round: THINGS

M & N finally get their chance to spin, but their first one’s the BANKRUPT next to $650. Second, B & A finds two S’s for $1,800 and five E’s, then they put up two T’s for another $1,800 and buy two A’s before getting the other normal BANKRUPT to forfeit $3,100 and their WC. Third, E & D crap out w/ C. M & N next fill in three H’s for $1,500, three R’s for another $1,800 and buy three O’s, but then get the same BANKRUPT as the blue team to give up $3,050. B & A try again w/ two N’s for a grand, a $500 F, and a $400 D, but the LaT stops them in their tracks. E & D then put up a TD W, a $900 V, a TD Y and a $500 L before they see…

L E _ E N D A R Y
W A V E S / O F / T H E 
N O R T H / S H O R E

They’ve won $8,400 and the chance to see the LEGENDARY WAVES OF THE NORTH SHORE at the Diamond Resorts International Ka’anapali Beach Club Resort in MAUI w/ the NEX-5T worth $10,398.

BANKRUPTS: 3 (B & N 2x, B & A)

Scores after R3
E & D: $30,048 cash & prizes/M & N: $1K/B & A: $2K


$3K Tossup: EVENT

_ L _ S S
R E _ _ _ _ N

E & D have been to their CLASS REUNION, so they’re up over $33K.

Round 4: TITLE (full $1,800 speed-up)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ S T 
_ T / T _ _ _ _ _ _ ‘ S

M & N quickly solve “BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S” for $5,400. 

E & D: $33,048 cash & prizes/M & N: $6,400/B & A: $2K

GRAND TOTAL: $41,448 
BANKRUPT TRASH (minus WC): $6,150 


$100K Bonus Round
Deb spins up the W.

Category: WAYD? 
Another one-wordy begins as…

_ _ _ _ _ E _ _ L _ N _

MDGA guarantees at least a G…

_ A _ _ _ E D A L _ N G

…but they’re NOT BACKPEDALING to another $30K.

$5K SPIN ID: JW1014271


WOF Recap: March 24, 2014

This is their first-ever “Girlfriend Getaways” week, because all of these teams are female.


Tape Date: Jan. 30

$1K Tossup: RHYME TIME

C _ _ _ K
_ L _ _ K

Noelle & Christina blow it w/ CLICK CLACK, because that doesn’t fit the topic.

C H I _ K
F L _ C K

Angela & Chantha solve CHICK FLICK. Let’s meet the week’s first six ladies…

Angela Ty & Chantha Seng: Angela’s a tax accountant while Chantha’s an exec. manager; they’re from Long Beach
Alisa Petitt & Kelly Edge: Alisa from Chapel Hill, NC (originally from Milmay, NJ) is an account manager at a graphics/data tech co. while Kelly’s a teacher married to a man w/ the same name
Noelle Gardner & Christina Gwin: Noelle from Sherman Oaks (orig. from Lake Hiawatha, NJ) owns an art business while Christina’s a freelance photographer

$2K Tossup: PLACE

_ _ _ E G U A R D 
S _ _ T _ _ _

Alisa & Kelly take control w/ LIFEGUARD STATION.

FEATURED TRIP: Paris Las Vegas worth $7,674

As usual w/ team weeks (except for married couples), there’s no 1/2 CAR in play.

Round 1:PHRASE (double martini wipe)

A & K strike out on the spot w/ T. Second, N & C have the same fate w/ an N call. Third, A & C pick up the Beyond The Rack gift tag w/ three R’s, but then buy a bad vowel in E. A & K call their second straight dud of S. N & C follow w/ a $400 F, four O’s, but then the LaT. After A & C miss again w/ L, A & K FP two A’s, call up three H’s for $2,700…

H O O R A _ / F O R 
H A _ _ _ / H O _ R

…and say “HOORAY FOR HAPPY HOUR” to keep that amount when they could’ve gone for the P’s and Y’s. Not a great opening round, that’s for sure.

DUDS: T (A & K), N (N & C), E (A & C), S (A & K), L (A & C)

Scores after R1 
A & C: $1K/A & K: $4,700/N & C: $0


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER 

Hoping for a better round, N & C get things going w/ three N’s for $2,700, four A’s, four D’s for another two grand and three I’s, then they say a $400 G and a C while on the MW near LaT. They risk $4,600…and drop to zero. A & C secondly pick up the WC w/ two S’s and FP and O, then they call up two L’s for a grand, a $450 T, a $500 H and an E before squandering their turn w/ the W (they thought the first word’s gonna be WILD; what were you two thinking?). A & K then FP the last vowel of U, and light up three M’s for three grand 

M I L D / M E D I U M
A N D / H O T 
S A L S A 
D A N C I N G 



Scores after R2
A & C: $1K + WC/A & K: $7,700/N & C: NO LUCK


PP/Express Round: THINGS

A & C lead off w/ a $500 N, buy three E’s, and lose the other half of their starting amount and the WC to the BANKRUPT near TD. Second, A & K collect $2,700 worth of S’s (one at the end of each word), only to give it right back to the same BANKRUPT. Third, N & C say T for trouble. Back to A & C who find two R’s for $1,400 and buy three A’s, followed by a $300 D, an $800 L, three I’s, and three C’s for $1,200. We now have…

_ A N I C _ R E S
_ E D I C _ R E S 
& / _ A C I A L S

They’ll soon be getting MANICURES, PEDICURES & FACIALS, because they’ve each won a trip package to The Westin ST. MAARTEN Dawn Beach Resort & Spa worth $11,798; that was a $14,998 round for them. 

BANKRUPTS: 2 (other teams)

Scores after R3
A & C: $15,998 cash & prizes/A & K: $7,700/N & C: GOOSEEGG ALERT



C _ N D I
 _ _ _ P E R

Noelle solves 80’s pop icon CYNDI LAUPER to finally get her team on the board.

Round 4: WAYD? (full $1,500 speed-up)

B O R R O W _ N G

_ O _ R / S W _ _ _ _ R


SOLE DUD: N (N & C) 

A & C: $15,998 cash & prizes/A & K: $7,700/N & C: $9K
GRAND TOTAL: $32,698 
BANKRUPT TRASH (sans WC): $7,550


$100K Bonus Round
This week’s vehicles are a pair of Ford Fusions. Chantha lands on the I of AMERICA’S.

Category: THING
Here’s the opening story for this big puzzle…

_ _ _ _ L _ _ E N T _ R _
_ _ _ R _ _ E

CDPO are all up there…

C O _ P L _ _ E N T _ R _
_ P _ R _ D E

…but their final total STILL WON’T get a COMPLIMENTARY UPGRADE to the tune of $40K. How did you two NOT get it?

$5K SPIN ID: DC0241035


Another Emil Update

That epic solve by Emil on Wed. has gotten coverage on daytime TV shows including TMZ, “Today”, “GMA” and even “Inside Edition”. Speaking of “I.E.”, reporter Victoria Recano invited Emil for a stroll with a NEW BABY BUGGY. Click HERE for the report. Also, watch his interview by going to VIDEOS and find his face that aired this past Friday.

Also, our latest $1M winner didn’t get his puzzle. Read HERE.

Week 27 Stats

Total this Week: $269,940
Total for the Season: $6,734,109
BR Win Record: 57-78 (.422)
Total Car Wins: 20
-1/2 Car: 12
-BR Car: 8

$100,000 Wins-Losses: still 0-0 (I’m really losing hope)
$1M Bonus Rounds: 8
Perfect BR Weeks: 0
Prize Wedge Wins: 35
Gift Tag Wins: 29
Mystery Wedge Wins: 10
MW was $10K-Bankrupt: 21-21
$10K MW was on $700: 22
$10K MW was on $300: 33
Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 42-14
Express was Played-Passed: 30-8
Express Successes-Fails: 17-13
Wild Card Usages
Maingame: 9 (1 on $5K, 5 on $3,500, 2 on $500, 1 on $450)
BR: 13

FP Vowels/Consonants/Solves: 81/38/0
5-Round Games: 36
6-Round Games: 2

Gooseegg Victims: 19
Red Winners: 43
Yellow Winners: 37
Blue Winners: 55
This Week’s Bankrupt Trash: $9,000 / 2 ½ CAR tags
Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $545,751* / 33 WC / 48 ½ CAR tags / 8 MDWs
Biggest Bankrupt: $22,495 (Oct. 18), $18,390 (Mar. 14), $14,750 (Jan. 6)    
Season-Worst Bankrupt Trashes for One Night: $36,845* (Oct. 18), $25,600* (Nov. 12), $21,350* (Feb. 25)

Highest-Winning Totals: $81,999 (Feb. 24), $77,898 (Mar. 11), $76,300 (Feb. 10) 
Lowest-Winning Totals: $10,850 (Jan. 31), $10,400 (Nov. 26), $8,712 (Jan. 20)
Highest Maingame Winnings: $65,444 (Mar. 17), $64,745 (Oct. 2), $63,798 (Nov. 29)

Season-High Week: $346,921 (Disney Cruise Line Week)
Season-Low Week: $179,178 (Wheel Around the World)

* includes prizes

WOF Recap: March 21, 2014


We end this memorable week on the set of “Spa Getaway”.

$1K Tossup: TV TITLE

G _ _ D / M _ _ N _ N G
_ _ E R _ _ A

Claribelle solves “GOOD MORNING AMERICA”. Friday’s panelists…

Claribelle Price: banker/piano teacher from Reno, NV
Andrew Bing: cosulting firm runner from Annapolis, MD
Lauren Bagley: sales director for logistics co. and a youth volleyball coach who graduated from LSU from my city of Houston!

$2K Tossup: LANDMARK

_ _ _ U M _ _ T
_ A _ L E _

This is in CO and Andrew knows that it is MONUMENT VALLEY.

FEATURED $5K SS: CreditCards.com
TONIGHT’S 1/2 CAR: Chevy Sonic

Round 1: WAYD?

He wastes a spin w/ the BANKRUPT near TD. Second, Lauren calls up four T’s for a $3,600 start, then she buys an E, picks up the 1/2 CAR  near $300 w/ two H’s, but then buys a non-existing A. Third, Claribelle uncovers three N’s for $1,800, buys two I’s, and picks up the SS w/ a G. Next up are an $800 P, three O’s to clean out the vowels, and a $1,300 pair of R’s before we see…

_ I T T I N G / O N / T H E
_ R O N T / P O R _ H

She isn’t SITTING ON THE FRONT PORCH but winning another $8,900 cash & SS.

SOLE DUD: A (Lauren)

Scores after R1
Andrew: $2K/Lauren: $0/Claribelle: $9,900 cash & SS


Mystery Round: SAME NAME

The Houstonian begins w/ an S for the other 1/2 CAR, buys an E and wastes no time in completing the Sonic w/ an N. After that are three A’s, two D’s for $800, but then a possibly fatal dud in T. Second, Claribelle picks up the Beef Bucks debit card w/ two R’s, buys an I, but then LOSES A TURN. Third, Andrew spots a $650 F, buys an O to finish off the vowels, and plugs in  a $650 L to complete the first word (FLORIDA). But he then says B for bad while on the MW near LaT…

A N D / _ A R
_ E _ S

…allowing Lauren to solve FLORIDA AND CAR KEYS for $16,300 cash & Sonic!

DUDS: T (Lauren), B (Andrew)
SOLE LaT: Claribelle

Scores after R2
Andrew: $2K/Lauren: $16,300 cash & Sonic/Claribelle: $9,900 cash & SS


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Claribelle gets to work w/ two R’s for a grand, a $500 T, buys of five E’s and three A’s, but then the MDW’s left-side BANKRUPT to take away the $1K remainder. Andrew secondly finds two D’s for $600, three Y’s for another $2,700 and a $7K pair of S’s. After his U buy, he picks up the WC w/ a V, but then buys the sole dud vowel of O to leave at least $10,300 on the table. After Lauren spins up the other normal BANKRUPT, Claribelle inserts a $7K pair of L’s…

E V E R Y / D A Y
_ E E L S / L _ _ E

…and says “EVERY DAY FEELS LIKE SATURDAY” to add the $6,699 caravan.com TOUR OF COSTA RICA w/ the NEX-5T.

SOLE DUD: O (Andrew)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Scores after R3
Andrew: $2K + WC/Lauren: $16,300 cash & Sonic/Claribelle: $23,599 cash & prizes


$3K Tossup: THING

F _ _ H E _ _ O O D

Lauren creeps a little closer to the lead w/ FATHERHOOD.

Round 4: PEOPLE (full $1,900 speed-up)

Two P’s have been called midway through…

_ _ T _ _ S _ _ S T _ _
S _ P P _ R T _ R S

…but Claribelle flubs w/ OPTIMISTIC SUPPORTERS, possibly costing her $9,500 and the match. Later, w/ only vowels remaining… 

_ N T H _ S _ _ S T _ C
S _ P P _ R T _ R S

….Andrew’s ENTHUSIASTIC SUPPORTERS applaud him for making the solve.

DUDS (both by Andrew): L and W
SOLE DQ OF EP.: Claribelle’s blown solve

Andrew: $3,900/Lauren: $19,300 cash & Sonic/Claribelle: $23,599 cash & prizes

GRAND TOTAL: $46,799


$100K Bonus Round
The last bonus spin of the week lands on the C as in Claribelle.

Category: THING
Looks easy to me…

_ _ N _ L
_ _ _ N T _ _ _ N

FMPI pretty much gives her the first word…

F I N _ L
_ _ _ N T _ _ _ N

but she’s won this  w/ one second to spare on the FINAL COUNTDOWN

…aargh, why did it have to be that bleeping thing again?!?!?! Her final total’s $53,599 cash & prizes.

$5K SPIN ID: SP3057654


WOF Recap: March 20, 2014

Thanks to Bobby McBride for helping me out when I needed it most given that I’m pre-empted tonight and tomorrow due to NCAA March Madness on CBS.


We’re on “Sandals Resorts Romance Week”.

$1K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

 T E X _ _ _ _ / A
_ _ _ L E _ / _ _ C E

Suzie totally botches it w/ TEXAS HOLD ‘EM DICE.

T E X T _ _ _ / A
S M _ L E _ / F _ C E

Steve’s TEXTING A SMILEY FACE, because he and Michele have scored first. Here are the teams…

Michele & Steve Lax (8 yrs.): she’s studied Martial Arts for 30+ yrs. and has black belts in four styles as well as eight world titles and a karate preschool teaching job; they’re from Valley Village, CA
Phil & Suzie Kinane: he’s a sales rep for a Fortune 500 co. while she’s gone back to school to finish her Architecture degree; they’re from Fayetteville, NY
Whillis & Emily Hall: he’s been a Navy & Marines member as well as a FL police officer, and now works for a telecommunications co. while she’s a manager for regulatory operations for a small biotech in S.D.

$2K Tossup: ON THE MAP

_ _ _ L Y _ O _ D
_ N _ / _ _ _ _

Suzie’s right this time w/ HOLLYWOOD AND VINE.

FEATURED SANDALS TRIP: the Royal Bahamian Resort worth $6,500


The Kinanes lead off w/ two Y’s for $1,800, two O’s and U’s, but then the sole dud vowel of A. Second, the Halls calls two S’s for $800 and T for trouble. Third, the Laxes find a $650 R, two I’s and six E’s to clean out the vowels, and a $700 N before they LaT out. After the Kinanes get the exact same fate, the Halls pick up the Sandals wedge w/ a K and plug in a $1,600 pair of M’s but they also get the LaT. The Laxes then put up a $300 W but duplicate the N while on the WC. The board now…

Y O U / _ I _ E
M E / _ E _ E R
W _ E N / Y O U
K I S S / M E

Suzie solves the Peggy Lee line “YOU GIVE ME FEVER WHEN YOU KISS ME” for $2,400.

DUDS: A (Kinanes), T (Halls)
LaTs: 3 (everybody)
SOLE DQ: Laxes’ N repeat

Scores after R1
Kinanes: $4K/Halls: $0/Laxes: $1K


Mystery Round: THE 80’s

The Halls kick off w/ a $700 R and four S’s while on the MW near $800. They take the money for those letters (good, because that’s the BANKRUPT one). Next on their list are seven E’s, three N’s for another $2,100, five I’s but then a baddie of G. Second for the Laxes are a $600 T, two L’s for another $1,800 and four O’s to clean out the vowels…

T E L E _ I S I O N
_ I N I S E R I E S
L O N E S O _ E / _ O _ E

…they solve TELEVISION MINISERIES “LONESOME DOVE” for the $2,150 leftover.

SOLE DUD: G (Halls)

Scores after R2 
Kinanes: $4K/Halls: ZIP/Laxes: $3,150

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (’91): FICTIONAL CHARACTER
Joe chose CDMO…

_ R _ M _ _

…and he got the dwarf GRUMPY despite the limited help.


PP/Express Round: WAYD?

Hoping for a big round, the Laxes begin w/ an $800 G, three I’s, and four obvious N’s for $2,400. After their next purchases of two A’s and E’s are three T’s for the 1/2 CAR near $900, a $650 H, two O’s to clean out the vowels, an $800 L, but then the BANKRUPT near TD to cost them $5,150 and their plate…

L E A _ I N G
_ O O T _ _ I N T _
I N / T H E / _ A N _

…and Suzie’s gonna be LEAVING FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND, because she and Phil have won a trip package to the Negril Resort & Spa in JAMAICA.


Scores after R3 
Kinanes: $10,849 cash & Jamaica/Halls: NOTHING/Laxes: $3,150


$3K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ _ _ _ U _ _ S
_ _ _ / _ R _ V Y

Suzie can’t come up w/ anything. 

_ _ _ _ U _ T S
_ _ _ / _ R _ V Y

Emily screws this one up w/ BRUSSELS SPROUTS AND GRAVY.

_ I S C U _ T S
_ _ _ / G R _ V Y

The Laxes eat those BISCUITS AND GRAVY to move to $6,150.

Round 4: PHRASE (full $1,300 speed-up)

_ _ H _ N D / _ L _ S _ D
D _ _ R S

The Kinanes get a game-winning $7,800 BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

DUDS: T (Laxes), G (Halls)

Kinanes: $18,649 cash & Jamaica/Halls: DESERVING $2K GOOSEEGG/Laxes: $6,150

GRAND TOTAL: $26,799
BANKRUPT TRASH (sans plate): $5,150


$100K Bonus Round
The E in AMERICA’S is what Phil takes out.

Category: THING
Here’s how this fairly big one starts…

_ R _ _ N _ _ R E _ _ _ N _
_ _ R _

FGYI’s an interesting combo…

G R _ _ N _ _ R E _ _ _ N G
_ _ R _

but Suzie was about to say the first word just before time ran out, so their GROUNDBREAKING WORK is not good enough for the $30K.

$5K SPIN ID: EF5020346