WOF Recap: November 29, 2013

Well, I’m back home from work and ready to give you the details of this Friday episode…

If you’ve been paying attention all week long, we’ve seen the sole man of a panel win the maingame. There’s a possibility that we could have a male maingame winner sweep for the first time since the final S26 week in Orlando (April 6, 2010).


$1K Tossup: WAYD? (Pat: “What in the heck are you doing?” ^_^)

E N _ O Y I _ G
L E F _ O _ E R S

Laura says that she’s ENJOYING LEFTOVERS. Our panel on this Black Friday…

Laura Nicholsworks at the psychiatry research department at Washington University in St. Louis from Maryville, IL
Michael Gerace: second-degree Tae Kwon Do from Manlius, NY
Mary Petry: bank client specialist and baker from Rockwall, TX


_ H _ / _ _ A T E
F L _ W E _

Laura triples up w/ THE STATE FLOWER.

FEATURED $5K SS: cooking.com


First for Laura are three T’s for $1,050 and the BANKRUPT near top dollar. Second, Michael calls two H’s for $600, buys two E’s and picks up the 1/2 CAR near $300. But after his next pick of an $800 S is the sole dud vowel of A. Third, Mary takes triple D’s for $1,200 but then LOSES A TURN. After Laura fails to capitalize on top dollar by repeating the H, Michael puts up a G while on said sparkly blue wedge

T H E / D _ _ T _
D _ _ E N
D _ _ G H N _ T S

…and solves “THE DIRTY DOZEN” DOUGHNUTS for $4,400.

SOLE DUD: A (Michael)
LaT: Mary
DQ: Laura’s H repeat

Scores after R1
Laura: $3K/Michael: $4,400 + 1/2 CAR/Mary: $0


Mystery Round: SONG LYRICS

The early leader picks up the cooking.com SSw/ two N’s, buys some vowels, but then LaTs out. Second, Mary picks up the 76 gas card w/ two S’s and buys four E’s. Next up are four R’s and two D’s (each of them at $800 apiece) before we look at…

_ O N D E R / O _
_ O N D E R S
_ I R _ _ _ E / O _
_ I R _ _ _ E S

She correctly recites “WONDER OF WONDERS, MIRACLE OF MIRACLES” (from “Fiddler on the Roof”) for $6,550 cash and gas card.

LaT: Michael

Scores after R2
Laura: $3K/Michael: $4,400 + 1/2 CAR/Mary: $6,550 cash & gas


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Mary leads off w/ two T’s for $1,800 and three O’s, but then comes that same BANKRUPT to take away the $1,550 leftover. Second, Laura gets roadblocked by the R. Third, Michael spots two N’s for $1,600, buys A and U singles, and collects another $10,500 w/ triple G’s. He follows up w/ four I’s to clean out the vowels, two FP H’s, a $900 S and finally a C for the other 1/2 CAR. Here we go…

C H I _ _ I N G / O U T
I S / A / G O O D

He rightly admits “CHILLING OUT IS A GOOD THING” for $14,250, the ’14 Chevy Sonic 1LS sedan worth $15K and a trip package to the Barcelo LOS CABOS Palace Deluxe, giving him a total of $36,248 cash and prizes in that round alone!!! I think that’s a new non Speed-Up Round record!

SOLE DUD: R (Laura)

Scores after R3
Laura: $3K/Michael: $40,648 cash & prizes/Mary: $6,550 cash & gas


$3K Tossup: PLACE

_ _ R P O R A T E
_ O A R D _ _ O _

Donal Trump would be proud of Mike solving this one — CORPORATE BOARDROOM puts him over the $43K mark!

Round 4: FUN & GAMES

He strikes out right away w/ H. Second for Mary are a $500 S and N for no. Third, Laura puts up an $1,800 pair of T’s, but she and Michael get that other normal BANKRUPT. Mary next says five L’s for $2,500…

L _ T T L _ / L _ _ _ _ _
_ _ S _ _ _ L L

…and solves LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL for $3K.

DUDS: H (Mike), N (Mary)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Laura, Mike)

Scores after R4
Laura: $3K/Michael: $43,648 cash & prizes/Mary: $9,550 cash & gas

Round 5: EVENT (full $1,900 speed-up)

_ N / _ C T
_ _ / C _ N _ R _ S S

Laura gets AN ACT OF CONGRESS for $7,600.  But we know who our big winner is…

Laura: $10,600/Michael: $43,648 cash & prizes/Mary: $9,550 cash & gas

…and we do indeed have a MALE MAINGAME WINNER SWEEP!

GRAND TOTAL: $63,798


$100K Bonus Round
Mike’s envelope will be the E of GAME.

Category: PERSON
Easy for at least yours truly…

_ / _ _ R T _ _
_ _ _ _ N E N T

HCPA gives him some more help even though the A is a waste…

A / _ _ R T H _
_ P P _ N E N T

I could’ve been A WORTHY OPPONENT for him, but he makes the $30K solve and leaves w/ a very nice total of $73,648 cash and prizes!

$5K+ SPIN ID: PD8265721

Tonight’s Changing Lives segment is about Stephanie Burns and her brother John. Both won $12K on the night of March 24, 2010 (part of “Beaches Resorts Family Week”).



WOF Recap: November 28, 2013 — HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Now that the SSS is over, this week is now known as “Home for the Holidays” for tonight and tomorrow. And I want to thank Bobby McBride for the details of this game, because I was pre-empted in my area due to NFL football.


The new animated intro is used again, but it’s more slower than before.

$1K Tossup: PHRASE

E _ _ R Y O _ E
I _ / _ N _ I _ E D

Andy doesn’t seem confident about the last word, but he’s right w/ “EVERYONE IS INVITED”. Before they go eat their turkey, let’s play the game w/ these people…

Andy Weissmann: software specialist for printing co. in IT dept. and Toastmaster from Tinley Park, IL
Danielle Mazzaro: 5th grade teacher in Santa Clarita and former Teacher of the Yr. from Valencia, CA
Meagan Dempsey:
Huntsville Hospital respiratory therapist from Decatur, AL


_ _ T T O N _ _ O D
_ _ E E

Andy says the right one of COTTONWOOD TREE w/ authority to triple his money.

FEATURED $5K SS: RetailMeNot

Round 1: FOOD & DRINK (w/ Christmas lights wipe)

Andy’s off to a nice $7,500 start w/ triple T’s, followed by three E’s, two H’s for the WC, two R’s and four I’s. Next up is a $400 D and three N’s for the 1/2 CAR near $900 before we look at…

T _ R _ E _
D I N N E R / _ I T H
_ _ _ / T H E
_ I _ I N _ _

…but he blows the $10,500 solve w/ TURKEY DINNER WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS. Following that bad moment, Danielle picks up the other 1/2 CAR w/ two L’s, lights up an $800 K, but then BANKRUPTS next to $650 to lose $1,800 and her plate. Meagan decides to get this round over w/…

T _ R K E _
D I N N E R / _ I T H
_ L L / T H E
_ I _ I N _ _

…and she gets a TURKEY DINNER WITH ALL THE FIXINGS for the house minimum.

BANKRUPT: Danielle
DQ: Andy’s blown solve

Scores after R1
Andy: $3K + WC/Danielle: $0/Meagan: $1K


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Danielle has an insta-BANKRUPT on the MDW’s left side (that’s her second one of the evening). Second, Meagan picks up the SS w/ two N’s, then calls out a $400 T, some vowels, three $800 S’s and a D for the jura coffee center gift tag. Sadly, her next spin is the LAT to likely cost her $9,800 cash and prizes. Third, Andy picks off two R’s while on the MW next to LaT and risks his WC…but he too goes BANKRUPT. Danielle then finds two F’s and M’s…

S E _ R E T A R _ / _ F
M E _ _ A N _ S M

…and solves SECRETARY OF DEFENSE MECHANISM for $3,200.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Danielle, Andy)
LaT: Meagan

Scores after R2
Andy: $3K/Danielle: $3,200/Meagan: $1K


PP/Express Round: WAYD?

Meagan first calls two T’s for $1,800, buys three O’s, but then BANKRUPTS next to top dollar. Andy secondly gets roadblocked by the R while on the 1/2 CAR near $300. Third, Danielle nabs that MDW w/ two N’s, but then LaTs out. Megan’s next picks are a $400 G and a single I, but the LaT gets her for the second time tonight. It also claims Andy, so we’re back to Danielle. She declines to hop aboard after calling a $1K S on EXPRESS and BANKRUPTS next to $650 to give up her money and the MDW. Megan follows suit w/ a $500 B but she and Andy get shot down by Danielle’s most recent BANKRUPT (Megan loses $650 while Andy now has two BANKRUPTS to his credit). Speaking of that lady in the middle, she makes it three in a row w/ the one near top dollar; that’s her fourth BANKRUPT tonight. Meagan then puts up a $900 H, but that same BANKRUPT strikes again; that’s her third such hit of the round and we have set a new SEASON-WORST of nine BANKRUPTS in a single episode. Andy then mercifully goes for the solve…

_ _ _ I N G / N _ _
_ H O T O S / T O / _ _
_ _ B _ _

He WON’T be ADDING NEW POTOS TO MY ALBUM, but he’ll do just that after taking his trip to the Sugar Bay Resort in ST. THOMAS w/ the NEX-5R worth $7,724. WORST ROUND OF THE SEASON, PERIOD.

SOLE DUD: R (Andy)
BANKRUPTS: 6 (Megan 3x, Danielle 2x, Andy)
LAT: 3 (everybody)

Scores after R3
Andy: $10,724 cash & prizes/Danielle: $3,200/Meagan: $1K


$3K Tossup: THING

S _ _ _ Z E
B U _ T _ _

Andy blows it w/ SQUEEZE BUTTON (don’t think there such a thing called that) whereas Meagan hits the SNOOZE BUTTON to quadruple her $1K.

Round 4: QUOTATION (full $1,500 speed-up)

M _ G H T _ / C _ S _ _
H _ S / S T R _ C _ / _ _ _

“MIGHTY CASEY HAS STRUCK OUT”, but not Andy — he makes the $4,500 solve to seal this UGLY affair. 

DUDS: N (Meagan), D (Andy), P (Danielle)
DQ: Andy’s N repeat

FUN FACT: Did you know that the bells for Speed-Up Mode were heard in today’s macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade involving a pirate ship from Cirque du Soleil?

Andy: $15,224 cash & prizes/Danielle: $3,200/Meagan: $4K

GRAND TOTAL: $22,424
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding extras): $5,900


$100K Bonus Round
I really DON’T like Mr. Weissmann’s chances here, but he has the N envelope of WIN.

Category: WAYD?
One word alert…

_ _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ N _

HMCI is of very limited help…

_ _ _ _ _ R _ _ _ I N _

…and my BGHO would’ve worked again even though the G is a waste — the answer was BABYPROOFING, and he’s NOT the second Edge winner this week.

$5K SPIN ID: BP9929889

MY EP. RATING: 4 out of 10

WOF Recap: November 27, 2013 — END OF SECRET SANTA SWEEPSTAKES #3


$1K Tossup: THINGS

_ C _ _ V E _
& / M I T _ _ _ S

Brandon has nothing.

S C _ _ V E S
& / M I T _ _ N S

Shameekia solves SCARVES & MITTENS. On this Thanksgiving Eve, let’s meet our last group of SS…

Shameekia Price: mentor & tutor at nonprofit from Atlanta
Ashley Eudy: dental assistant from Locust, NC
Brandon Seastrand: pilot from North Vegas (orig. from Elwood, IN)

$2K Tossup: FUN & GAMES

P I _ – E A _ I N G
C _ _ _ E S _

Shameekia’s two for two w/ a PIE-EATING CONTEST.

Round 1: EVENT

Shameekia’s off to a nice $5K start w/ two N’s and buys all the available vowels in one fell swoop. Next up are two L’s for that Walmart gift tag and three R’s for the 1/2 CAR near $90. But after a lot of work, she says S for sorry to likely deprive her of $8,400 cash and GT. Second, Ashley takes a $900 D but then T for terrible. Brandon’s in control…

A N / O L D / F A M I L _
R E _ I P E

…and he’s PREPARING AN OLD FAMILY RECIPE for $2,900.

DUDS: S (Shameekia), T (Ashley)

Scores after R1
Shameekia: $3K/Ashley: $0/Brandon: $2,900


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Ashley’s opening letters are three R’s and two E’s, but the S lets a lady down for the second round in a row (in her case, she was on the same 1/2 CAR). Brandon secondly loses a turn w/ L. Third, Shameekia has lit up three C’s for $1,050, a $650 H, a single I and the fronloading C for the $7,500 spree. But her next spin of the wheel lands on the BANKRUPT near top dollar to burn up $9,450 cash and spree. Following that bad moment, Ashley tacks on a $600 N and an O before running into LaT. Brandon next finds an $800 F, three A’s to clean out the vowels, a W via FP and two Y’s for that same plate. The near-complete board…

A W A Y / T H E / _ A Y

He solves CORN FRITTER AWAY THE DAY for $2,050.

DUDS: S (Ashley), L (Brandon)
BANKRUPT: Shameekia
LaT: Ashley

Scores after R2
Shameekia: $3K/Ashley: ZILCH/Brandon: $4,950 1/2 CAR


PP/Express Round: FUN & GAMES (yep, they’re repeating that topic)

Brandon loses his plate right away to that same normal BANKRUPT. Second, Shameekia has chosen two T’s for $600, a top dollar H and some vowels. After she later buys two A’s and U’s to clean out the vowels, the other normal BANKRUPT cleans her out of $5,050. Third, Ashley gets four L’s up there but then craps out w/ C. Brandon won’t take any chances…

L E A _ N I N G
T O / _ L A _
T H E / U _ U L E L E

… and he’ll be LEARNING TO PLAY THE UKULELE on his trip to the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach in OAHU w/ the NEX-5R worth $7,733.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (both ladies)

Scores after R3
Shameekia: $3K/Ashley: COAL ALERT/Brandon: $12,683 cash & prizes


$3K Tossup: THINGS

P I N _
_ E E _ _ E S

Ashley can’t come up w/ anything.

P I N _
N E E _ _ E S

Brandon avoids being punctured by these PINE NEEDLES, so up he goes to $15,683.


Brandon instantly BANKRUPTS near top dollar just like the last round. Second, Shameekia oddly calls a C and sure enough, there aren’t any. Third for Ashley are two S’s, but we hear the bells for Speed-Up Mode…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S
_ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ S

…and the Final Spin is set at $1,450 (Pat’s first spin was the BANKRUPT near $650). 

K _ N G _ R _ _ S
_ N D / K _ _ L _  S

 Brandon IDs the Australian animals of KANGAROOS AND KOALAS for $4,350 worth of icing.

(AIRED) DUDS AFTER FS: P (Brandon), H (Shameekia; that triggered the cut to Pat)

Shameekia: $3K/Ashley: $1K LUMP OF COAL/Brandon: $20,033 cash & goodies

GRAND TOTAL: $24,033
BANKRUPT TRASH (besides plate): $14,500 cash & SS

ASHLEY SPIN ID: SC8186020 (Suzette C.) 


$100K Bonus Round
Brandon’s envelope will be the one under * (just slipped past the G).

Category: THING
Just the second letter to start…

_ L _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _

CDMA is a BAD idea…

_ L _ _ _ _ D
_ _ _

…and GAME OVER for this guy, so the $40K stays sealed inside this PLYWOOD BOX. This was set up for a loss, IMO, and it didn’t help that he went the conservative route instead of my trusted BGHO.


WOF Recap: November 26, 2013


$1K Tossup: ON THE MAP

T _ _ / A _ C T I C
C _ _ _ L E

Steve identifies THE ARCTIC CIRCLE. The SS on this Tuesday…

Steve Price: pastor at Harvest United Methodist Church from Bradenton, FL
Teresa Hayes: quality-control specialist for a pharmaceutical co. from St. Louis
Jess Zaninelli: kickboxing instructor from Branchburg, NJ; she and her husband Todd jump into the Arctic Ocean every Feb. to raise money for her state’s Special Olympics

$2K Tossup: PERSON

A / _ I N D
R E _ D E R

Steve triples up w/ A MIND READER.


(NOTE: There’s an extra space between the last two words of this puzzle.)

Steve gets us going w/ two S’s for $600, three T’s for the Walmart gift tag and five I’s. He follows up w/ two H’s, three E’s and a single W before he looks at…

H E ‘ S / _ _ _ I _ _
_ / _ I S T
_ _ _ / _ H E _ _ I _ _
I T / T W I _ E

Part of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, he recites “HE’S MAKING A LIST AND CHECKING IT TWICE” for $4K cash and GT.


Scores after R1
Both ladies: $0 each/Steve: $7K cash and GT


Mystery Round: SAME LETTER

Teresa picks up that MDW right away w/ two T’s, but then LOSES A TURN. Second, Jess says L for loss of turn. Third, Steve fills in two R’s for $1,200 and goes vowel buying…but his second purchase of A is the only bad one of this puzzle. Teresa next gives up that MDW to the BANKRUPT near $650 (first time all season long that’s happened). After another dud of M by Jess, Steve gets the other normal BANKRUPT to lose his $700 remainder. Back in control, Teresa captures the SL of three C’s for $2,100, buys the rest of the vowels and puts up a $900 K. She then lands on the 1/2 CAR near $300…but she says D for dummy as the last consonant of this puzzle. Jess then puts up those missing P’s at $350 apiece…


…and reads COPPER COOKIE CUTTER for the house minimum; that was an ugly round.

DUDS: L (Jess), A (Steve), M (Jess), D (Teresa)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Teresa, Steve)
SOLE LaT: Teresa

Scores after R2
Teresa: ZIP/Jess: $1K/Steve: $7K cash and GT


PP/Express Round: THING

First, Jess picks up the other 1/2 CAR w/ a T (like last week, the car is the ’14 Chevy Sonic) but then BANKRUPTS near top dollar to forfeit $500 and her Chevy Sonic opportunity. Second, Steve takes two N’s for $1,800 and some vowels. After filling in a litlte more than half of this puzzle (including two I’s to clean out the vowel dept.), he says a not-so-good consonant in G.  Third, Teresa spots two R’s for $1,300, but no S’s while on the WC. After Jess makes a C and two W’s appear…

I N C R E D I _ _ E
M A N – M A D E
W A T E R W A _

She’s won $2,450 and the right to see an INCREDIBLE MAN-MADE WATERWAY on the caravan.com TOUR OF PANAMA w/ the NEX-5R worth $6,099.

DUDS: G (Steve), S (Teresa)

Scores after R3
Teresa: COAL ALERT/Jess: $9,549 cash & goodies/Steve: $7K cash and GT


$3K Tossup: EVENT

S I L _ _ T
A _ _ _ _ _ N

Teresa finally breaks through w/ SILENT AUCTION.

Round 4: PHRASE

First from Teresa’s mouth are two T’s, an H, three E’s and R for roadblock. Second for Jess are two A’s via FP and S for strikeout. Third, Steve inserts a $400 N, but it’s time for Speed-Up Mode…

A / _ _ E _ E / _ _
T H E / A _ T _ _ N

…and the leftover consonants are worth $1,500 apiece. Two C’s are filled in next…

A / _ _ E C E / _ _
T H E / A C T _ _ N

…and he gets A ($3,400) PIECE OF THE ACTION that’s just enough for he victory.

DUDS (both before Final Spin): R (Teresa), S (Jess)

Teresa: $3K/Jess: $9,549 cash & prizes/Steve: $10,400 cash and GT

GRAND TOTAL: $22,949

TERESA SPIN ID: MM3418380 (Mary M.)
JESS SPIN ID: JR7435778 (Jeff R.)


$100K Bonus Round
That man takes the A envelope of GAME.

Category: THING
There’s at least one of these in Hawaii…

E R _ _ T _ N _
_ _ L _ _ N _

GCDI adds besides the obvious…

E R _ _ T I N G
_ _ L C _ N _

…not too much, and it’s definitely NOT some kind of BALCONY according to him. The $30K gets burned up inside this ERUPTING VOLCANO and he’s now the lowest-winning player this season w/ $10,400 cash and GT. Not very well played by him.

HIS SPIN ID: JW0622946 (Julie W.)

MY EP. RATING: 4 (originally a 5)

WOF Recap: November 25, 2013


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

_ _ R Y
_ E _ _ _ O U S

Dean might get VERY NERVOUS in this game, because that answer won’t fit. 

_ E _ _ _ O U S

Donna’s a VERY GENEROUS lady among these people…

Donna Schoeberlein: EDI specialist involved in community theater for 46 yrs. from Baldwinsville, NY
Dean Rogers: admin. assistant and 10-yr. film critic
who also hosts his own Sci-Fi-themed game shows from College Park, MD
Meghan Directo: UNLV English student from Vegas

$2K Tossup: PERSON

_ _ / E A _ L E
_ C _ U _

Donna’s two for two w/ AN EAGLE SCOUT.

Round 1: FUN & GAMES

Donna does most of the work but then LATs out. Second, Dean spins the red $800 four times in a row and calls two C’s, a W, a D, and a G before saying three R’s for the $7,500 spree…

R E T U R N I N G / A
_ I C _ / _ O R / A

…and RETURNING A KICK FOR A TOUCHDOWN worth $13K cash and SS.


Scores after R1
Donna: $3K/Dean: $13K/Meghan: $0


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Dean begins w/ two T’s for that WC, three H’s, four E’s, but then the sole dud vowel of A. Second, Meghan calls three F’s for a $1,950 start, two O’s, two top dollar C’s and the rest of the valid vowels (two I’s and a U). Board now…

T H E / _ U C _
O F / T H E
I _ I _ H

She has THE LUCK OF THE IRISH COFFEE for $8,200.

SOLE DUD: A (Dean)

Scores after R2
Donna: $3K/Dean: $13K + WC/Meghan: $8,200


PP/Express Round: SONG/ARTIST

Meghan first says N for no. Second, Donna takes twin B’s for $1,800 and two Y’s for the Walmart gift tag, but the sole dud vowel of O bites her. Third, Dean has chosen two S’s, four E’s, an H and three L’s while on EXPRESS. He will…HOP ABOARD.

Dean’s Bank at this Point: $4,050
Next Choices: V, P, W

B L _ E / H _ W _ _ _
B Y / E L V _ S
P _ E S L E Y

He could’ve gotten an extra grand w/ that R, but it doesn’t matter — he gets “BLUE HAWAII” BY ELVIS PRESLEY for $7,050 and a trip to that location at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel w/ the NEX-5R worth $8,186.

DUDS: N (Meghan), O (Donna)

Scores after R3
Donna: $3K/Dean: $28,236 cash & prizes + WC/Meghan: $8,200



_ _ O _ / S W E _ _ _ R
V _ S T

Dean puts on a WOOL SWEATER VEST to go over the $31K mark.


His first letters this round are two T’s, E and R singles, and S for sorry. Second for Meghan are a C, an A, two L’s, the last vowel of two O’s and another baddie in Y. Third, Donna BANKRUPTs next to $650, and it’s time for the Final Spin (the bell sounded just after she spun)…

L O _ _ _ O R _

…w/ the three remaining consonants valued at $1,500. After two more duds by Dean and Meghan, Donna requests those N’s…

L O N _ _ O R N

 …and solves LONGHORN CATTLE for three grand.

DUDS BEFORE SPEED-UP: S (Dean), Y (Meghan)
DUDS AFTER BELL: D (Dean), P (Meghan)

Donna: $6K/Dean: $31,236 cash & prizes + WC/Meghan: $8,200

GRAND TOTAL: $45,436

DONNA SPIN ID: CD9573104 (Christine D.) 
MEGHAN SPIN ID: BM0235000 (Bill M.)


$100K Bonus Round
Dean takes that BR wheel to the R.

Category: THINGS
This trio of letters get him started…

_ _ T _ _
_ _ _ _ R S

MPWA and C give him…

P A T _ _
C _ A _ R S

His family may want to move those PATIO CHAIRS, because he has won the Ford Edge SEL worth $35,885 plus another three grand (I’m not sure if this is permanent for the cars in the BR this season) for a final total of $70,121 cash and prizes!

HIS PARTNER: KD9037828 (Katharina D.)


Week 10 Stats

Total this Week: $258,983 
Total for the Season: $2,775,692 
BR Win Record: 26-24 (.520) 
Total Car Wins: 9 
-1/2 Car: 4
-BR Car: 5
$100,000 Wins-Losses: 0-0 
$1M Bonus Rounds: 5
Perfect BR Weeks: 0 
Prize Wedge Wins: 10
Gift Tag Wins: 11
Mystery Wedge Wins: 5
MW was $10K-Bankrupt: 12-9 
$10K MW was on $700: 11 
$10K MW was on $300: 15
Mystery was Flipped-Declined: 21-6
Express was Played-Passed: 11-4
Express Successes-Fails: 7-4
Wild Card Usages
Maingame: 3 (on $3,500)
BR: 4
FP Vowels/Consonants/Solves: 35/10/0 
5-Round Games: 13
6-Round Games: 0

Gooseegg Victims: 5 
Red Winners: 16 
Yellow Winners: 12
Blue Winners: 22 
This Week’s Bankrupt Trash: $36,050* / 3 WC 
Total Bankrupt Trash for the Season: $209,288* / 13 WC / 19 ½ CAR tags / 0 MDWs
Biggest Bankrupt: $22,495 (Oct. 18), $12,500 (Nov. 18), $11,450 (Oct. 18)
Season-Worst Bankrupt Trashes for One Night: $36,845* (Oct. 18), $25,600 (Nov. 12), $17K* (Nov. 18)

Highest-Winning Totals: $76,099 (Nov. 4), $71,133 (Sept. 17), $69,600 (Oct. 30)
Lowest-Winning Totals: $13K (Nov. 22), $12,949 (Oct. 31), $12,699 (Nov. 21)
Highest Maingame Winnings: $64,745 (Oct. 2), $57,650 (Oct. 14), $51,343 (Oct. 16)
Season-High Week: $335,134 (Palazzo Week from Las Vegas)

WOF Recap: November 22, 2013

Let’s try to get back on track after a fairly ugly game from last night (includes the first Tossup Triple Stumper of the season and Jessica completely striking out in Bonusland).


$1K Tossup: THING 

_ _ _ R S / _ N
_ H _ / S _ Y

Jamila spots these STARS IN THE SKY. And she’s the only female Secret Santa among this panel…

Jamila Hardemon: supervision/management degree student and after-school program volunteer from West Park, FL
Kenne Horton: Rogue Valley Chorale member from Medford,  OR
Shawn Walsh: marathon runner & former A.F. pilot from Vegas (orig. from NJ)

$2K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ W E E T / _ _ C K L E
_ _ _ _ S H

Jamila’s two for two w/ some SWEET PICKLE RELISH.

Round 1: SHOW BIZ

Her first letters this evening are an R, two E’s and the sole dud vowel of A. Second, Kenne takes a $900 T, five O’s, three $500 L’s for the WC, one I and twin $300 B’s. We now have…

_ O L L _ _ O O _
B L O _ _ B _ _ T E R
_ O _ I E

“Iron Man 3” is one example of this, and he gets HOLLYWOOD BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE for $2,500.

SOLE DUD: A (Jamila)

Scores after R1
Kenne: $2,500 + WC/Shawn: $0/Jamila: $3K


Mystery Round: SAME NAME

Fresh from his R1 win, Kenne begins w/ a T for the $7,500 spree, two E’s, two I’s and an R while on the MW next to LAT. He won’t risk his shopping spree (good, because that’s the BANKRUPT one). But after his next purchase of A is the BANKRUPT near $650, costing him $750 and that SS along w/ the WC. Second, Shawn FPs the last vowel of O, then chooses a $900 L, a B for the 1/2 CAR near $900 and a dud of H. Third, Jamila nabs four N’s for $2K and turns that amount into $3,800 courtesy of two P’s before we look at…

P I N _ – P O N _ / &
_ I N N E R

She’s correct w/ PING-PONG & DINNER TABLE.


Scores after R2
Kenne: $2,500/Shawn: ZIP/Jamila: $6,800


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Still trying to get on the board, Shawn picks up that other 1/2 CAR w/ a T and spends his entire $500 on E and A singles. Next up are $2,400 worth of N’s and the rest of the vowels. Board now…

_ U T / O N / _ O U _
_ A N _ I N _ / _ _ O E _

PUT ON YOUR DANCING SHOES, sir — you’ve won your first $1,650 and a hotwire.com trip to the SuperClubs Brezzes Resort in THE BAHAMAS w/ the NEX-5R worth $6,499.


Scores after R3
Kenne: $2,500/Shawn: $8,149 cash & prizes/Jamila: $6,800

$3K Tossup: EVENT

T A L _ _ T
_ E A _ _ H

Shawn pads his lead w/ TALENT SEARCH.

Round 4: WAYD?

The man in the middle wastes a spin w/ the BANKRUPT near top dollar. Second, Jamila spots two S’s, but no E’s. Third, Kenne collects $2,100 worth of N’s, buys three I’s and another dud vowel of A. Shawn next says a G, two O’s to clean out the vowels, a Y and R for roadblock. After Jamila BANKRUPTs near $650, Kenne narrows the puzzle down to this…

F O L L O _ I N G / _ Y

Thanks to FOLLOWING MY INSTINCTS, he makes the $5,700 solve to move into second place.

DUDS: E (Jamila), A (Kenne), R (Shawn), F (Kenne)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Kenne’s opponents)

Going into R5
Kenne: $8,200/Shawn: $11,149 cash & prizes/Jamila: $6,800

Round 5: PLACE (full $1,600 speed-up)

_ _ M M _ _ _ T _
_ _ L L _ _ _

Kenne graduates from this COMMUNITY COLLEGE for $4,800 and the comeback win.

DUDS: R (Jamila), S (Shawn)

Kenne: $13K/Shawn: $11,149 cash & prizes/Jamila: $6,800

GRAND TOTAL: $30,949
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $8,250 cash & spree

SHAWN SPIN ID: KP4296965 (Kim P.)
JAMILA SPIN ID: DW09019 (Doris W.)


$100K Bonus Round
Most of the Bonus spins this week have hovered around the P — here, Kenne lands on I to the right of it.

Category: PERSON
This opening setup will hopefully lead him in the right direction…

_ E R _ / _ _ N _ _
_ _ _

HCMO is of limited help….

_ E R _ / H _ N _ _
_ _ _

Thanks to a silly guess of ZERO HONEY WIG, he doesn’t prove to be a VERY HANDY GUY and he loses the $45K.

HIS PARTNER: RJ8768262 (Ron J.)


WOF Recap: November 21, 2013

I was gonna complete this late last night, but me and my family were out shopping for the new XBOX one console. Anyway, here’s what went down courtesy of my neighbor Bobby McBride…


$1K Tossup: PHRASE

B A _ _ E R I E S
_ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ D _ D

Jason knows that the disclaimer for many toys is “BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED”. Let’s meet him and the female opposition right now…

Jason Landry: small bank accountant & programmer from Cicero, NY
Rebecca Woods: physician recruiter whose dog Hannah mistakenly thinks someone is at the door when a letter has been lit up on the puzzleboard (and Pat has the ding sound played three times) from Broken Arrow, OK
Jessica Murphy: 1st grade teacher from Vegas (orig. from San Diego)

$2K Tossup: THING

H U _ A _
N A T _ _ E

Also the title of an 80’s song by Michael Jackson, Jason’s two for two w/ “HUMAN NATURE”.

Round 1: WAYD?

His first letters are two N’s for the shopping spree but then A for awful. Second, Rebecca picks up the 1/2 CAR near $900 w/ two G’s, buys two I’s, but we then get a huge editing error as control is passed to Jessica (I think Rebecca purchased a dud vowel of O since her scoreboard now reads $500). The lady at the end puts up two R’s for a $900 start, three S’s for $2,400, four E’s and a $650 P before she sees…

_ E E P I N G / _ _
_ I N G E R S
_ R _ S S E _

While I’m KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED, Jessica has won her first $3,700.


Scores after R1
Jason: $3K/Rebecca: $0/Jessica: $3,700


Mystery Round: BEFORE & AFTER

Rebecca leads off w/ two N’s for $1,800, two A’s and two D’s for the WC. But after her next purchases of five E’s and a single I is the BANKRUPT near $650 to take away $2,050 and her WC. Second, Jessica hits the other normal BANKRUPT. Third, Jason says H for horrible. Back in contrrol, Rebecca takes an $800 T, the last vowel of four O’s and three F’s to throw in another $2,400. We now have…

F O O _ O O _ E
A N D / F A N _ _ –
F _ E E
D E _ I _ E _ _

She blows the last word w/ “FOOTLOOSE” AND FANCY-FREE DEFINITION to likely cost her $2,950. Jessica then puts up two R’s while on the MW next to $800. She gambles…but she’s BANKRUPTED again. Jason follows up w/ two pairs of Y’s and L’s….

F O O T L O O _ E
A N D / F A N _ Y –
D E L I _ E R Y

…and solves “FOOTLOOSE” AND FANCY-FREE DELIVERY for $2,300.

SOLE DUD: H (Jason)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (both ladies; Jessica 2x)
DQ: Rebecca’s blown solve

Scores after R2
Jason: $5,300/Rebecca: SCORELESS/Jessica: $3,700


PP/Express Round: RHYME TIME

Jessica’s first actions are calling a $350 N and LOSING A TURN. Second, Jason BANKRUPTS on the MDW’s left side. Third, the scoreless Rebecca picks up the other 1/2 CAR w/ two T’s, buys three E’s and an O w/ two H’s in between, but she then BANKRUPTS near top dollar to take the Chevy Sonic out of play and forfeit $1,200. Jessica next says two S’s while on the now useless 1/2 CAR near $900 w/ two S’s, buys two I’s, and spins two more times for a W and two L’s. She then tries to solve w/ this setup…

N O W / T H I S / I S
T H E / _ E _ L / _ E _ L

NOW THIS IS THE REAL DEAL for her…she’s won another $2,400 and a caravan.com TOUR OF COSTA RICA w/ the NEX-5R worth $6,599.

LAT: Jessica
BANKRUPTS: 2 (her opponents)

Scores after R3
Jason: $5,300/Rebecca: COAL ALERT/Jessica: $12,699 cash & prizes


$3K Tossup: PEOPLE

G _ _ _ / _ C _ _ T
_ _ _ _ _

Nice try Jason, but GIRL SCOUT GIRLS denies you of the Tossup sweep.

G _ _ _ / S C _ U T
_ _ O _ _

Rebecca doesn’t do any better w/ GIRL SCOUT MOMS.

G _ R _ / S C O U T
_ _ O _ P

Jessica’s guess of GIRL SCOUT GROUP fits, but that results in the first TRIPLE STUMPER of the season. The answer was GIRL SCOUT TROOP.

(NOTE: We hear the regular buzzer shortly after Jessica gave her answer and the double-buzzer sounded after the puzzleboard slowly finished revealing all the letters.)

Round 4: ON THE MAP

Jason gets roadblocked right away w/ the R. Second for Rebecca are three N’s, but then the bell for Speed-Up Mode…

_ _ N _ _ N N _ _ _
_ _ _ _

…and the leftover consonants are worth $1.5K each. Two C’s get filled in next…

C _ N C _ N N _ _ _
_ _ _ _

…and Rebecca finally wins her only $4,800 on the night w/ CINCINNATI, OHIO.

SOLE DUD (before Final Spin): R (Jason)

Jason: $5,300/Rebecca: $4,800/Jessica: $12,699 cash & prizes

GRAND TOTAL: $22,799
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $3,250
JASON SPIN IDES0013171 (Ella S.)
REBECCA SPIN ID: RG0500873 (Ronald G.)


$100K Bonus Round
Last night, we landed on the P. This time, Jessica lands on the S next door.

Category: PLACE
I know it already…

_ R _ _ T
_ R _ _ E

PCMA will definitely NOT work, so game over for her. She doesn’t win the $30K off of this FRUIT GROVE.

HER SPIN ID: RN8267944 (Ruth N.)


WOF Recap: November 20, 2013


$1K Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ _ A N _ _ R R Y
_ _ _ C _

Andy (no, not me) is incorrect w/ CRANBERRY JUICE. Deana then says the right one of CRANBERRY SAUCE. The midweek panel is made up of…

Deana Rice: from Goodyear, AZ (no occupation mentioned)
Meg Ford: merchandise allocator at children’s co. company who’s also a fan of MMA and college football from Atlanta (orig. from Talladega, AL)
Andy Seiler: peanut salesman/rodeo announcer from Ocala, FL

$2K Tossup: FAMILY

_ H _ / B A L _ W _ N
_ R O T H _ _ S

Deana’s two for two w/ THE BALDWIN BROTHERS (unfortunately for Alec, his msnbc show is apparently canceled).


Deana gets things started w/ two S’s for $1,200, three T’s for the $7,500 spree, seven E’s and a couple of A’s. We now have…

T _ E / S _ A _ E
_ E E _ _ E
_ _ / S E A T T _ E

I’m afraid she’ll say THE SPACE NEEDLE OF SEATTLEand she does, so she’s gonna have to give back $9,700 cash and spree. Meg next puts up two L’s and an H for $2,250, a P for the WC and the last vowel of I. This solve attempt is for her first $2,500….

T H E / S P A _ E
_ E E _ L E
I _ / S E A T T L E


DQ: Deana’s preposition fail

Scores after R1
Andy: $0/Deana: $3K/Meg: $2,500 + WC



The first letters from Meg’s mouth are three R’s for $2,700, an E, three A’s, a D for the 1/2 CAR next to $300 (this week is the ’14 Chevy Sonic sedan) and two O’s, but she then gets frozen by the sole dud vowel of U. Second, Andy lights up three N’s for $1,950, buys two I’s, but then says T for terrible while on the other 1/2 CAR. Third, Deana BANKRUPTS next to top dollar. Meg’s next picks are a G and C for crap out. Once Andy regains control, he completes the board (he was dancing around that other plate)…

R I B B O N S / A N D

…and reads BOWS, RIBBONS AND WRAPPING PAPER for $8,850. I wonder if he really thought the first word was BOWL just before spinning for the last consonant of two S’s? 

DUDS: U (Meg), T (Andy), C (Meg)

Scores after R2
Andy: $8,850/Deana: $3K/Meg: $2,500 + WC


PP/Express Round: PHRASE

Andy strikes out right away w/ S. Second, Deana takes two T’s, two O’s, an R and three E’s, but then L for loss of turn. Third, Meg has chosen two N’s, three A’s a V and a W but then D for dummy while on the 1/2 CAR near $300. Andy follows suit w/ two M’s for $1,300, an I but then the BANKRUPT near $650 to toss aside $1,050. Deana gets the exact same fate as him after her next call of a $500 Y. Meg then puts up two C’s for top dollar and goes for the solve instead of accepting Pat’s WC offer…

I / M A Y / N E V E R
W A N T / T O
C O M E / _ A C _

She says “I MAY NEVER WANT TO COME BACK” for $9,950 and a Hotwire.com trip to The Verandah in ANTIGUA w/ the NEX-5R worth $7,439. 

DUDS: S (Andy), L (Deana), D (Meg)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Meg’s opponents)

I know it’s usually a good idea to use the WC on top dollar, but I thought Meg’s decision not to use it was a wise move since the two leftover consonants were just singles.

Scores after R3
Andy: $8,850/Deana: $3K/Meg: $19,889 cash & prizes + WC


$3K Tossup: THING

P _ I M E
_ X _ M P L E

This is another PRIME EXAMPLE courtesy of Meg (she now $111 shy of the $23K mark).

Round 4: LIVING THINGS (full $1,700 speed-up)

S _ _ _ R R _ L S
& / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S

Meg solves SQUIRRELS & CHIPMUNKS for another $6,800.

SOLE DUD: T (Deana)

Andy: $8,850/Deana: $3K/Meg: $29,689 cash & prizes + WC

GRAND TOTAL: $41,539

ANDY SPIN ID: TE1407294 (Thomas E.)
DEANA SPIN ID: PP8491734 (Pamela P.)


$100K Bonus Round
Meg’s bonus spin lands her on the P. 

Category: PHRASE
We get her started w/ this…

_ N / _ R _ _ _
_ _ _ L _ _ _ T
BMCO and H give her…

_ N / B R O _ _
_ _ _ L _ _ H T

She just won this amount IN BROAD DAYLIGHT…the $30K for a final total of $59,689 cash & goodies! Good thing that WC pick sealed the deal for her…

HER SPIN ID: FE5052302 (Faye E.)

Everybody in the audience took home a $25 Walmart gift certificate.

MY EP. RATING: 7 (largely thanks to Deana fizzling out after getting the first two Tossups)

WOF Retro Recap: June 11, 2010 — SEASON 27 FINALE


This episode takes place on the set of “Great Northwest”, and the car up for grabs is the Chevrolet Tahoe.

$1,000 Tossup – THINGS

R E _ / _ _ _ T E
_ _ D / _ _ _ _

They’re the three colors on our nation’s flag, and Kathy solves RED, WHITE AND BLUE. Here are the final players of Season 27…

Kathy Valeda: defense contractor from Gaithersburg, MD
Jenny Bruns: military wives columnist and bug photographer from Fayetteville, NC (originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Gavin Greer: chef from Los Angeles, CA


_ E N I E / I N
A / B O _ _ L _

This is also the title of a song by Christina Aguilera, and Kathy is two for two with “GENIE IN A BOTTLE“.

PRIZE ON THE WHEEL: a $5,000 Homegoods gift certificate

Jackpot Round – PHRASE

T I _ E / _ L I E _
_ H E N / _ _ _ ‘ _ E
H A _ I N _ / _ _ N

Well, TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE HAVING FUN, and Kathy is certainly having fun because she dominates and quickly solves this puzzle for $1,250 and the Homegoods gift certificate (picked up with the N’s), totaling $6,250 that round.


Pre-Round 2 Scores:
Jenny and Gavin: $0 each
Kathy: $9,250 cash and GC



Early on, Jenny FPs four E’s She then cashes in $10,500 with three R’s. But after a lot of work, she says W for wrong letter, and that will likely cost her $12,550. A little later, Gavin FPs a single L, but then comes the BANKRUPT between $900 and $600 to wipe out his $2,150. Kathy spins once for a $3,500 H…

H A P P I L _ / E V E R
A _ T E R –
_ I N N E R / _ I N T S

…and takes some HAPPILY EVER AFTER-DINNER MINTS for said amount.

SOLE DUD: W (Jenny)

Pre-Round 3 Scores:
Jenny and Gavin: $0 each
Kathy: $12,750 cash and GC



After filling in most of this puzzle, Gavin inserts an H while on the MW between FP and LAT. He gambles $2,250…and BANKRUPTS for the second time this evening. The current leader controls the rest of the round…

_ R I T I N G
O U R / N A _ E _
I N / T H E / _ A N D

…she solves WRITING OUR NAMES IN THE SAND for $1,850…and a trip to The Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa in ST. MAARTEN worth $7,865. She wins a total of $9,715 that round.


Pre-Tossup #3 Scores:
Jenny and Gavin: $0 each
Kathy: $22,465 cash and prizes


$3,000 Tossup – FOOD AND DRINK

_ _ N K
_ _ _ O N A _ E

There will be NO MAINGAME SWEEP for Kathy tonight, as Jenny finally gets on the board with PINK LEMONADE.

Round 4 – SONG TITLE

T _ A N _ _ / _ O R
T _ E / M E M O R Y

Gavin will not be going down as the season’s final gooseegg victim because he solves Bob Hope’s “THANKS FOR THE MEMORY” for $4,350.

LAT HIT: Jenny

Round 5 – QUOTATION (full $1,300 speed-up round)

_ L _ I S / H _ S / L _ F T
T H _ / _ _ I L D I N G

Well, “ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING”, and Gavin will be doing the same because he solves this puzzle for another $5,200.

SOLE DUD: R (Gavin)

Jenny: $3,000
Gavin: $9,550
Kathy: $22,465 cash and prizes
PRE-BR TOTAL: $35,015


$100,000 Bonus Round
Can Kathy close out our season with a bang (and possibly make Marisa Theodoratos more upset about her loss on Tuesday)? She lands on the 1-star space.

Category: THING
This puzzle w/ a hyphen starts out as…

_ _ R – _ E T _ _ E _
_ _ E _

DPGA gives her…

_ A R – _ E T _ _ E D
_ D E A

She only gets the last word of FAR-FETCHED IDEA, and she loses…

…another $25,000. That sends her home with $22,465 in cash and prizes. And it would have been much more painful — she was ONE SPACE OFF the big one of $100,000. It was under the G in GAME.

Well, that wraps up another fine season of America’s favorite puzzle-solving show. It was tough to follow up a historical Season 26, but we did the best we could. Here’s the season in review:

-First, themed puzzle category graphics were used during certain weeks such as “Pet Lovers Week”, “Happy Holidays” and “State Fair”.

-Second, the Free Play wedge was introduced at the start of the season in Las Vegas. Early on, players called correct consonants for $500 each. As time went on, they chose vowels for free more often than consonants. We have yet to see anybody solve the puzzle immediately after landing on FP, but maybe that will happen next season.

-With regards to this season’s Bonus Rounds (“Dads and Grads” was the only theme week this season to cause a BR SHUTOUT), 81 of them were successfully conquered! Starting on February 22 of this year, Maxwell House Coffee donated $2,500 to Feeding America each time the Bonus Round was won. And we had 35 wins since said date, so the bank is now at $87,500 (Pat and Vanna mentioned this in the last segment)!

-For some strange reason this season, the Bonus Wheel didn’t want to land on either the $100,000 or $1 million envelopes. The former was finally landed on twice during “California Coast” week. Jaime Smith on the March 15th epsiode lost the big one by two letters (PUNCH BOWL). Three days later, Barry Williams became the first grand prize winner all season long (solving the puzzle SCHOOL OF THOUGHT), and left with $111,250. That was thanks to the two fortune cookies he was holding on. But we crowned our biggest winners of the season (and fifth-highest of all-time) in Mary Anne & Michael Dixon — they won a total of $142,500 on March 23rd during “Beaches Resorts Family Week”.

-Finally, the show aired four weeks from Vegas at both the Venetian and the Palazzo and three from Boston. For next season, the show will film six weeks of episodes at said hotel and casinos in Vegas. Also, for the first time in five years, the gang will head to New Orleans and shoot three weeks of episodes there. As you may recall, Season 23’s “Family Week” was taped in Culver City thanks to the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

And then, there were none. I shall begin the next season this coming December.

MY EP. RATING: 6 out of 10