WOF Recap: December 20, 2012


Opening Flashback Clip (October 24, 2008; the year’s mislabeled as ’06): Andrew Sewall’s $100,000 win and he runs around a bit on the stage!

$1,000 Tossup: PEOPLE

T E N / L O R _ S
A – _ _ _ _ _ N _

Rufus (that’s his last name and what he goes by) blows it w/ TEN LIONS A-LEAPING, but he didn’t buzz in first anyway — it’s Kala w/ the right answer of “TEN LORDS A-LEAPING” (from “The 12 Days of Christmas”). Here we go again in the player interviews from left to right…

Kala Hill: financial analyst for a lodging co. from Powell, TN
Jeremiah Mathews: Air Force Staff Sgt. in logistics stationed at Andrews AFB from Landover, MD
Michael Rufus: telecommunications managing accounts worker from Hillsboro, OR

$2,000 Tossup: AROUND THE HOUSE

_ _ _ _ _ R Y
B _ _

Rufus does ring in this time, but he’s wrong w/LAUNDRY BAG.

J _ _ E _ R Y
B O _

Kala’s two for two w/ JEWELRY BOX.

FEATURED PRIZE: $5K hayneedle.com gift certificate

Jackpot Round: FOOD AND DRINK

Kala gets that MDW right away w/ an N. Following her first purchases of E and A singles are an S for the shopping spree and a Jackpot T. But after a lot of work, she hits LAT. Jeremiah’s second in line w/ two Y’s, but then a baddie of V. Third, Rufus says two pairs of H’s and K’s for $3,600 and FPs twin M’s to bring him up to $4,600. Here’s the near-complete board…

H I C K O R Y – S M O K E _
C O U N T R Y / H A M

…he solves HICKORY-SMOKED COUNTRY HAM (I thought he left out the D at the end).

SOLE DUD: V (Jeremiah)
LAT: Kala

Scores after R1
Kala: $3K
Jeremiah: $0
Rufus: $4,600

Holiday Greeting of the Night: Production Dept.



Jeremiah’s off and running w/ three N’s, but he LATs out just as quick. Second up for Rufus are a D, S, two T’s, but no more from an M. Third, Kala also strikes out w/ H. After Jeremiah purchases the first vowels (four A’s and two O’s, he FPs an E, and follows up w/ three L’s and a K while on the MW next to the invisible MDW. He takes the $3,450 plunge…and the $10K is there! But after cleaning out the vowels, he says P for pathetic. Rufus then picks up the Wild Card w/ a $500 C…

A L L / T A L K
A N D / N O
_ I _ U R E S

It’s ALL TALK AND NO ACTION FIGURES for this man, as he’s banked another $3,400.

DUDS: M (Rufus), H (Kala), P (Jeremiah)
LAT: Jeremiah

Scores after R2
Kala: $3K
Jeremiah: $0
Rufus: $8K + Wild Card

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (September 12, 2003): PHRASE
Ginger had this to work w/ after calling HDCA…

L _ _ _ / _ _ T H
_ A _ S

She does not solve LOOK BOTH WAYS.



Rufus does a lot of work and FPs the leftover I’s in the process, but he says B for bad. Kala spins just once for a $450 H…

_ A I T I N G / _ O _
M _ / S H I _ / T O
_ O M E / I N

She says “WAITING FOR MY SHIP TO COME IN” for that amount plus a $5,500 Costa CARIBBEAN CRUISE w/ the hotwire.com travel.

SOLE DUD: B (Rufus)

Scores after R3
Kala: $8,950 cash and cruise
Jeremiah: gooseegg alert
Rufus: $8K + Wild Card


$3,000 Tossup: THING

_ H A R _ _ _ _ L E
_ O N A _ I O N

Kala’s swept the Tossups w/ a CHARITABLE DONATION, giving her $11,900.

Round 4: SAME LETTER (full $1,500 speed-up; no Final Spin wipe)

_ _ N _ – _ _ _ T_ _ _ _

Rufus doesn’t remember the category, as he says HANDKNIT COAT. He gets a second crack at it after choosing the G…

_ _ N G – _ _ _ T
_ _ _ _

…HANG-KNIT SHAWL is another bad guess. Kala inserts the SL of three L’s…

L _ N G – L _ _ T
L _ _ _

…but LONG-LOST LIFE is also incorrect, so she might have lost $6K. The S is filled in by Jeremiah…

L _ N G – L _ S T
L _ _ _

His LONG-LOST LOVE (whoever that may be) finally gets him off the gooseegg bench.

DUDS: R (Jeremiah), D (Kala)
DQs: 4 (wrong answers by Rufus and Kala, Jeremiah’s T duplication)

Kala: $11,950 cash and cruise
Jeremiah: $1,500
Rufus: $8K



$100,000 Bonus Round
Kala stops on the G envelope.

She’ll need some good help in the first word w/ this setup…

_ _ _ E _
_ R _ _ N _ E S

CDMA completely strikes out, and she only get the second word of GOOEY BROWNIES. That means she isn’t the third Jeep Grand Cherokee winner this week, and is out w/ just $11,950 cash and cruise.

$5K SPIN ID: RG3023197

MY EPISODE RATING: 5 out of 10


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