Wheel of Fortune Recap: November 9, 2012

This is “Military Families” week, and keep in mind that there are no 1/2 car plates or opening flashback clips for this extra-long week.


Tape Date: October 17, 2012

$1,000 Tossup: PEOPLE

S _ L D _ _ R _ / _ N D
_ _ _ L _ R _

Denise & Jennifer know about SOLDIERS & SAILORS. The first teams of the season are…

Denise Vandermark & Jennifer Kilbourn (mother/daughter): Jennifer is from Yorktown, VA and stationed at Langley AFB

Emma & Nate Rhodes (newlyweds): Emma is a website & graphic designer while Nate flies helicopters for the Coast Guard during search & rescue and law enforcement

Kay & Corey Henderson: Kay was born in South Africa and raised in Australia while Corey’s a Chief Petty Officer and electronics technician who does Naval Special Warfare Support Activity 1 in Coronado, CA; they’re from San Diego

$2,000 Tossup: FOOD & DRINK

_ _ _ _ E _ _ _ U _ E
S T _ _ K

Emma is totally off target w/ BARBEQUE STEAK.

_ _ _ _ E _ _ O U _ E
S T _ _ K

Corey eats a piece of PORTERHOUSE STEAK, so his team’s spinning first.

FEATURED TRIP: Maui Kai Kanapali Beach in Hawaii w/ the hotwire.com travel worth $8,700

Jackpot Round: PHRASE

The Hendersons get the ball rolling w/ four T’s for $2K, buy three E’s, and insert a $5K pair of H’s. They also capture the Wild Card w/ three N’s. But after a ton of work…

O U T / O F / T H E
F R _ I N _ / _ _ N
I N T O / T H E / F I R E

…Kay blows the fourth word w/ FRINGE, so they probably threw away $10,800. Denise & Jennifer don’t do any better w/ a LAT landing. The Rhodeses then pick up the Hawaii wedge w/ a Y and…

O U T / O F / T H E
F R Y I N _ / _ _ N
I N T O / T H E / F I R E

OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, INTO THE FIRE, they’re on the board w/ $9,200 cash and trip.

LAT: yellow team
SOLE DQ: Kay’s blown solve

Hendersons: $2K WC/D&J: $1K/Rhodeses: $9,200 cash & HI


Mystery Round: SAME NAME

The mother/daughter duo get the obvious AND out of the way, but then hit the roadblock of R while on the MW next to the MDW. Secondly, the Rhodeses miss w/ an L. Third, the Hendersons also strike out on the same MW w/ the H, meaning a null cycle has been left in. Back to Denise & Jennifer who FP twin O’s. Two spins after that, they pick up the Phillips 66 gas card w/ two B’s…

B O O T / A N D
_ A _ _

…and solve BOOT AND BAND CAMP for $4,250 cash and gas card.

DUDS: R (Denise/Jennifer), L (Rhodeses), H (Hendersons)

Hendersons: $2K WC/D&J: $5,250 cash & gas card/Rhodeses: $9,200 cash & HI

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (October 12, 1998): THING
This man chose PDCO….

_ _ _ R D O

…but can’t solve HAIRDO.



The Rhodeses’ first picks are a T, two S’s, an H and three E’s, but then I for invalid. Second, the Hendersons miss w/ the R. Third, Denise and Jennifer FP two O’s, tack on two D’s, but no more from an L. Once the Rhodeses BANKRUPT near $650 to give up $2,100, the Hendersons take Pat’s advice of using the WC on the pink $900 and collect $4,500 from three N’s and two B’s. After buying the leftover A…

T H E / N A _ E ‘ S
_ A _ E S / B O N D

Kay solves “THE NAME’S BOND, JAMES BOND” for the $4,250 remainder and a $12,500 trip to LONDON (sponsored by “Skyfall”; opening in theatres today).

DUDS: I (Rhodeses), R (Hendersons), L (Denise/Jennifer)

Hendersons: $18,750 cash & London/D&J: $5,250 cash & gas card/Rhodeses: $9,200 cash & HI


$3,000 Tossup: EVENT

S U R P _ I S E
_ I _ I _

The Hendersons only get the first word.

V I S I _

Denise & Jennifer get a SURPRISE VISIT by the three grand for a new total of $8,250.

Round 4: THINGS (full $1,900 speed-up)

R _ _ _ S / &
R _ G _ _ _ T _ _ N S

The Rhodeses follow these RULES & REGULATIONS for $5,700.

Hendersons: $18,750 cash & London/D&J: $8,250 cash & gas card/Rhodeses: $14,900 cash & HI



$100,000 Bonus Round
The pair of all-American cars this week are red and silver Chevrolet Equinoxes. The Hendersons take the I envelope of SPIN.

Category: THING
RSTLNE reveals…

_ _ _ E _ T
T E _ _ _

MDHA doesn’t add too much…

_ _ _ E A T
T E M _ _

…they quietly but only get the second word. Because they don’t keep an UPBEAT TEMPO here, they just costed us an outright PERFECT BR WEEK




























…AND LOSE THE $100K — WE HAVE OUR FIRST GRAND PRIZE LOSS THIS SEASON. They’ll have to settle for $18,750 cash and trip.

$5K SPIN ID: : MG0323326


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