Wheel of Fortune Recap: September 19, 2012


On this night, a former “Deal or No Deal” contestant was here for one more shot at that elusive million. She previously won $341,000 on the NBC version though she could’ve gone all the way because the million was in her chosen case.

Intro Flashback Clip (1998): In an interview w/ contestant Frank Gidaro from Las Vegas, he says he’s a clown/mortician

$1,000 Tossup – PHRASE

L _ T / _ O U R
H _ _ _ / _ _ W N

This is the lady who I’m talking about — Mary Beth solves the famous line from “Rapunzel”, “LET YOUR HAIR DOWN”, to get on the board first. Let’s meet the gang right now…

Mary Beth Salmieri (Holtzheimer): wedding coordinator/event planner who plays poker and has learned the alphabet by being a Wheel Watcher from Oakland

Mike Snyder: USPS driving instructor from Charleston, WV

Linda Beblo: rollform operator (34 yrs.) from Greenville, PA

$2,000 Tossup – EVENT

T R _ _ S U _ E
H _ _ _

Mary Beth is two for two in this TREASURE HUNT.

FEATURED SPA TRIP: Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens worth $9,370

Jackpot Round – OCCUPATION

Two T’s give Mary Beth an $800 start. After she purchases a couple of vowels, she picks up the 1/2 CAR between $350 and $900 w/ an S but then LATs out. Mike secondly gets a $1,200 N pair but that amount goes away quickly to the MDW’s right side. Third, Linda BANKRUPTS next to $650. Back in control, Mary Beth calls for two $700 L’s and a B netting her the Wild Card. We now have…

B A L L _ _ _ _ / _ A N _ E
_ N S T _ _ _ T _ _

She solves BALLROOM DANCE INSTRUCTOR for $2,200.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Mike, Linda)
SOLE LAT: Mary Beth

Mike and Linda: $0 each/Mary Beth: $5,200 + 1/2 CAR + WC


Mystery Round – BEFORE AND AFTER

Mike instantly BANKRUPTS next to top dollar. Second, Linda gets no S’s when going for the SpaFinder gift tag. Third, Mary Beth does some work, but she gets Mike’s most recent BANKRUPT to forfeit $1,750 and both pieces of cardboard. Speaking of that man, he doesn’t get a duplicate of Mary Beth’s lost tag w/ the N. Linda’s next pick of B is nowhere to be found. Mary Beth fills in most of this puzzle, but she squanders her turn w/ the sole dud vowel (I). Mike fails yet again w/ D. Linda FPs the U…

L U _ E W A R _

…and solves LUKEWARM WATER POLO for her first grand.

DUDS: S (Linda), N (Mike), B (Linda), I (Mary Beth), D (Mike)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Mike, Mary Beth)

Mike: ZIP/Linda: $1K/Mary Beth: $5,200

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (October 13, 2004): AROUND THE HOUSE
MPDO was Kristen’s chosen combination…

_ _ D E O
_ _ M E S

She barely solved VIDEO GAMES for $25K.



Linda’s first consonants this round are two R’s, four S’s, and three T’s to give her a $4,900 bank. After a couple vowel purchases, she BANKRUPTS next to top dollar for the second time tonight to flush $4,400 down the tubes. Over to Mary Beth who picks up that MDW w/ twin H’s. Soon enough…

C _ C _ _ _ T
S H R I M _ / _ I T H
S _ E E T / A _ _
S _ _ R / S A _ C E

…she banks another $2,250 and the chance to eat some COCONUT SHRIMP WITH SWEET AND SOUR SAUCE on her $5,700 trip to the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel in HAWAII; that round was worth $7,950 to her.


Mike: GOOSEEGG ALERT/Linda: $1K/Mary Beth: $13,150 cash & trip MDW


$3,000 Tossup – AROUND THE HOUSE

_ _ _ S _ E R
D R _ W E _ S

Mike finally gets off the schneid w/ DRESSER DRAWERS.

Round 4 – THINGS (full $1,900 speed-up)

_ _ R D _ _ R _ / _ N D
S _ _ _ _ _ R _

Mike barely beats the buzzer w/ HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE for $7,600.

Mike: $10,600/Linda: $1K/Mary Beth: $13,150 cash & trip MDW

TOTAL BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding 1/2 car + WC): $7,350


With her younger sister Susan holding that MDW and cheering her on, Mary Beth gets the S envelope of SPIN.

Category: THING
This fairly big puzzle starts out as…

_ L _ _ _ L
_ _ E N _ _ E N _ N

CHMA gives her…

_ L _ _ A L
_ H E N _ M E N _ N

She just achieved GLOBAL PHENOMENON status in six seconds! But has she finally captured that million?…







































…ACTUALLY, SHE’S TWO SPACES AWAY — IT WAS UNDER THE I OF THE SAME WORD! DARN. She’ll have to settle for the $30K, giving her $43,150 cash and trip to take home; Rebuilding Together is now at $105,000.

$5K SPIN ID: RC1508583


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