Wheel of Fortune Recap: September 18, 2012


Intro Flashback Clip (1999): From an Endless Summer Week, the hosts ask each other what they normally wear to bed. Vanna says she doesn’t wear a NIGHTGOWN (that night’s bonus puzzle) or pajamas.

Pat’s monitor shows the round logo instead of the two-row one from last night.

$1,000 Tossup – THING

M _ S S A _ E
_ _ _ _ E

Mattie solves MASSAGE TABLE. Once again, we’re interviewing a lady in the middle first…

Mattie Jefferson: rural transportation worker from Moncks Corner, SC

Tony Morris: intuitive counselor from Palm Springs, CA (orig. from Enterprise, AL)

Nicole Penrod: part time P.E. teacher from San Dimas, CA

$2,000 Tossup – SHOW BIZ

_ O L D – O U T
_ O N C E _ T

Tony gets SOLD-OUT CONCERT to spin first.

FEATURED SPA TRIP: El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico worth $6,700 (all of these spa trips are provided by Spa Finder Wellness unless otherwise noted)

Jackpot Round – WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Tony first gets the -ING ending out of the way and purchases three O’s, but he then BANKRUPTS in between $900 and $650 to forfeit $2,700. Second in line, Nicole gets an $1,800 start courtesy of two T’s and purchases a solitary A. But following a null cycle is the MDW’s left-side BANKRUPT to wipe out $1,550. Third, Mattie spots four S’s on that $650 space, buys the remaining E and takes that P.R. trip w/ two L’s. We now have…

_ O I N S / I N T O / A
_ I S _ I N G / _ E L L

…her TOSSING COINS INTO A WISHING WELL for $10,050 cash and P.R.

AIRED BANKRUPTS: 2 (Tony, Mattie)

Nicole: $0/Mattie: $11,050 cash & P.R./Tony: $2K


Mystery Round – SAME LETTER

Nicole‘s off and running in this round w/ a $2,700 R triplet. Two aired spins after that (another null cycle was edited out at this point), she puts up a $3,500 S and the SL of four C’s (good for $2,200)…

C R E _ _
C _ E E S E
C _ R R _ T
C _ _ E

…before taking a bite of some CREAM CHEESE CARROT CAKE for $8,700 (if she had saved the SL for $3,500, she would have been in the lead w/ at least $17K).


Nicole: $8,700/Mattie: $11,050 cash & P.R./Tony: $2K

Bonus Puzzle Flashback (1989): THING
DGMI was this lady’s chosen combo…

M _ L E _ _ L E

She failed to solve MOLECULE.



Early on, Mattie calls twin T’s for the first MDW pick-up of the season. Her next consonant call of S gives her the 1/2 CAR between $350 and $900. But after buying three U’s, she misses w/ the J. Second, Tony gets that Wild Card + $1,500 w/ three Y’s. Towards the end, he squanders his turn w/ the F, allowing Nicole

Y O U / M U S T / B E
M Y / _ U _ _ Y / S T A R

…to solve Madonna’s “YOU MUST BE MY LUCKY STAR” for a $6,045 trip to LAS VEGAS sponsored by the Blu-Ray re-release of “Titanic” (includes a visit to “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition”).

(NOTE: I believe a THIRD null cycle was edited out at the start of this round; everybody probably went BANKRUPT that time.)

AIRED DUDS: J (Mattie), F (Tony)

Nicole: $14,745 cash & Vegas/Mattie: $11,050 cash & P.R./Tony: $2K WC


$3,000 Tossup – LIVING THINGS

N I G H _ _ N G A L _ S

Tony solves NIGHTINGALES to move to $5K. And now, here comes an old category brought back for at least this season…

Round 4 – THE 90’s

The first letters from him are a T and a dud in S. Second, Nicole does a little work, but it’s time for speed-up mode…

_ _ _ _ I _ _ / W I T H
_ H I _ _ _ _ _

…w/ a $1,900 Final Spin. She can’t solve after filling the R’s. Mattie’s next w/ twin D’s…

_ _ R R I _ D / W I T H
_ H I _ D R _ _

She solves the sitcom “MARRIED WITH CHILDREN” for $3,800 and the win by $105.

SOLE DUD (before Final Spin): S (Tony)

Nicole: $14,745 cash & Vegas/Mattie: $14,850 cash & P.R./Tony: $5K WC



$100,000 Bonus Round

Mattie takes that *** envelope.

Category: PHRASE
Some of you are gonna recall what happened w/ Aysha late last season when Vanna shows us…

E _ _ _ T L _
_ L _ _ E

HYMO only gives her the obvious Y…

E _ _ _ T L Y
_ L _ _ E

She goofs w/ EXACTLY PLACE. The envelopes we’re seeing so far are EXACTLY ALIKE, so she’s not the second straight $30K winner.

: BB0028089

FUN FACT: The Bonus Round puzzle was initially used on April 3, 2012. Pat mistakenly said that Aysha’s guess of EXACTLY ALIVE was right, then the puzzle was thrown out.


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