Wheel of Fortune Recap: September 17, 2012 — SEASON 30 PREMIERE


Introductory Notes:
-Most episodes taking place at home base begins with a classic clip from the last 29 seasons. This one is from Vanna’s first show as permanent hostess back in 1982.
-The opening logo is similar to what you see in S26.
-The intro music is still the same since S25.
-There’s a new look of the Wheel area w/ Pat and the contestants — the wide contestant scoreboards are now touching each other. There is also a new monitor on Pat’s podium that usually matches the theme week.

$1K Tossup: PHRASE

T _ I S / _ A _ _ S
F _ R / A / T O A _ T

Candace says “THIS CALLS FOR A TOAST” to get on the board first. And now, the first players of Season 30…

Candace Dewberry: bank teller and former pole vaulter in HS (her personal best is 10 ft.) from North Myrtle Beach, SC (orig. from Atlanta)

Matt Huff: 4th grade teacher at McSweeney Elementary from Hemet, CA

Lisa Gordon-Hosch: liaison/advocate to 97,000 businesses in the area from San Diego (she’s a fifth-generation San Diegan whose family dates back to 1889)

$2,000 Tossup – PERSON

_ R U S _ E D
F R I _ N D

Matt claims to be a TRUSTED FRIEND, so he’s spining first.

FEATURED SPA TRIP: Argentario Gold Resort & Spa in Italy from Spa Finder Wellness worth $7,200 (the money graphics are similar to the ones we saw in S24 and S25)

Jackpot Round – MOVIE TITLE

There is a new graphic for the Jackpot Wedge and the money readout is mostly blue. As usual, the category wipe for this theme week is that flower from the right side.

The 1/2 car prizes are gonna be different throughout this season since the plates read “1/2 CAR”. Speaking of the 1/2 car prize, a Ford Fiesta is at stake. In addition to these tags awarding $500 per consonant, the Wild Card (now located next to top dollar), gift tag, and prize wedge yield that same amount of money.

Matt quickly gets the first word of THE out of the way. After a little work, he BANKRUPTS in between $900 and $650 (upped from $600) to lose $800. Second, Lisa gets a $700 S to start (yes, the $700 value has returned and is now in blue; it’s between FP and LAT). She next picks two N’s but then the first dud of the season in O. Candace also misses w/ L. Matt next picks up two M’s and a $500 Z for that Italy tip. We now have…

T H E / A M A Z _ N _
S _ _ E R – M A N

He solves “THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN” for a total of $9,500 cash and Italy.

DUDS: O (Lisa), L (Candace)

Lisa: $0/Candace: $1K/Matt: $11,500 cash and Italy


Mystery Round – BEFORE AND AFTER

Lisa starts w/ an S and decides to flip over the Mystery Wedge next to the MDWwrong one. Second, Candace calls for two T’s to pick up the 1/2 CAR in between $350 and $900 (the other is between $450 and $300; both of the 1/2 CAR tags are on green $500 spaces), but then hits LAT. Third, Matt picks off four N’s and five E’s, but the BANKRUPT next to top dollar nails both him and Lisa; he loses $1,550. On his next turn, he recovers that amount plus another $350…

S _ E E P _ N G
B E _ _ T _
P _ G E _ N T
_ _ N N E _


SOLE DUD: K (Candace)
SOLE LaT: Candace
BANKRUPTS: 3 (Matt 2x, Lisa)

(NOTE: Another $700 space, this one in red, is under the Jackpot wedge.)

Lisa: $0/Candace: $1K/Matt: $13,400 cash and Italy

Classic Bonus Puzzle (1998 from VEGAS): THING

This female contestant picked DPMA…

_ E A N
_ A _ _ E T

She was correct w/ JEAN JACKET.



Candace BANKRUPTS in between $900 and $650 after starting w/ $1,100 worth of S’s. Matt secondly gets the other available 1/2 car location w/ two T’s, but next is A for awful. Third, Lisa BANKRUPTS for the third time tonight courtesy of the one near top dollar. Candace doesn’t do any better w/ the R. Following Matt’s purchase of five E’s, he captures a $7K G pair. After cleaning out the vowels…

E _ _ E _ I T I O N

…he wins another $9K and a $5,800 SIGHTSEEING EXPEDITION at the Lapaz Waterfall Gardens in COSTA RICA, giving him $14,800 that round.

DUDS: A (Matt), R (Candace)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Lisa: $0/Candace: $1K/Matt: $28,200 cash & trips


$3,000 Tossup – THINGS

_ _ _ R L
E _ _ R I _ _ S

Matt solves PEARL EARRINGS, giving him $31,200.

Round 4 – SHOW BIZ (full $1,500 speed-up)

_ N C _ R _
P _ R _ _ R M A N C _

Lisa won’t be having an ENCORE PERFORMANCE of that solve, but she wins her first and only $6K.

(EDIT ALERT: SIX wrong letters were cut out of this round, including the very start.)

AIRED DUDS: H (Lisa), D (Matt)

Lisa: $6K/Candace: $1K/Matt: $31,200 cash & trips



$100,000 Bonus Round

As usual for spa weeks, the BR car is a Mazda MX-5 Miata. Matt lands on the *.

Category: PHRASE
The magic six give him…

_ _ R T _ / T _ E
_ _ _ T

He’s about to kill it w/ WHDA…

W _ R T H / T H E
W A _ T

(There’s a new BR timer graphic; it’s blue on top of a red circle)

It was definitely WORTH THE WAIT for him to score big and produce our first BR win right off the bat for $30K (Jim: “Wait no more”)! That gives him $61,200 cash and trips to take home; Rebuilding Together is now at $102,500!

$5K SPIN ID (this will be available throughout the season): DF9584137


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